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Anthem      Aaron & Julie's Photo Galleries 
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Summer 2003                                                 

Cruzin in Friday Harbor

Aaron wishing he didn't have to go back.

Gale Warnings

Waiting for that elusive wind...Seattle in the background.


Moored in Reid Harbor, Stuart Island, San Juan Island's


Peek-a-boo picture from the trail on Stuart Island


Aaron being his usual crabby self with his new-found friend.

Bottom Painting

Julie showing off her bottom painting skills.

Julie Doing Dishes

This photo defies comment.

Julie in Cockpit

This photo is closer to what women should be doing on boats.

Julie at the Helm

This photo REALLY shows what women should be doing onboard.

Treasure Chest

This is the "treasure chest" at Stuart Island School. This is where you buy the really cool T-shirts made by students as a money raiser. It is all on the honor system, take what you want and mail them a check.

Trail on Stuart Island

This is one of the many signs made by the kids on Stuart Island to help you navigate while walking the island.

The Colors

The Flag & FYC Burgee flying on Anthem

Anthem's Guest

Anthem seems to have a strange visitor...a Little Green Alien

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