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All photos in this website are copyrighted; we ask that you not copy them in any form without permission.
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All photos throughout this website are copyrighted; 
we ask that you not copy them without permission.

All The Pretty Boats...


Free 'n Clear aka White Swan II

This photo, taken in 1997by BJ in Prevost Harbor, Stuart Island has become a bit of a classic. There are at least three artists that have used it as a model for paintings. White Swan, was originally purchased by BJ in 1996, who after he had paid for her re-named her Free 'n Clear; Pamela purchased her from BJ in 1999 and rechristened her with her original name; Jeremy purchased her from Pamela in 2002. The plan was that when Will gets old enough he will buy her from Jeremy.

Securing the mast

BJ is suspended between Nelle Bly and Key Result securing the broken masthead on White Swan II. It is a good thing BJ owned two sailboats at the time!


Purchased by Glenn and Lorraine in 1996

Nelle Bly

Nelle struttin her stuff in Sinclair Inet...going out to meet Spirit of Freedom on her way home from Port Townsend. 2003


J/24 purchased by Pamela in 2001, but used by Aaron and Julie as a pocket cruiser until their purchase of Anthem from Jeremy (aka StormRunner).

Storm Runner

Jeremy's first boat, a Catalina 30 purchased in September 2001. This picture was taken just after the haul-out and survey.

The Family that Hauls Together Stays Together

Nelle Bly and Spirit of Freedom were in the yard together in early 2002...

Spirit of Freedom

New name, new dodger and a perfect mooring. Penrose Point, Carr Inlet, South Puget Sound. July 2003


Aaron and Anthem are singing the doldrums...Anthem was purchased by Aaron and Julie in 2002. She was previously Storm Runner, owned by Jeremy.

Sailing Dinghy or Dingy Sailor?

BJ holds the FYC record for boats he is in his sailing dink, Eagle Harbor Bainbridge Island. Summer of 2003

Key Result

Key Result was a Freeport Islander 41, purchased by BJ in 1999.

Taking The Waves

December 26, 1999 This was one a great day on White Swan (who was owned by Pamela at the time). Pam, BJ, Trish, Aaron, and Brett all took off on a dead calm morning and ended up having a fantastic day of sailing.

Another Dingy Sailor!

Jeremy in his sailing dink...He was very pleased she didn't leak...much.

A Sad End

This is Quicksilver...she was being raced by her new owner, October 9, 2004. She is now 200' below Puget Sound. All crew was rescued.

White Swan II:   In 2006 there was a huge Hanukah Eve Storm that swept across the Pacific Northwest, causing widespread damage including destroying a major portion of the marina that White Swan II, and Dunrushn' were moored in. Dunrushn' was far into the marina and escaped with minor damage. White Swan was the outermost boat left floating on her dock. She sustained considerable damage, having had a fero-cement boat lay against her grinding away at her teak, in addition to having the finger pier to which she was tied break, allowing her to climb on top of the dock with her bow and grind away with her hull. She also was on top of a large Carver which had sunk and was under White Swan's keel...which was not discovered until Jeremy motored her away from the marina. The amount of damage was considerable and costly...ultimately the insurance company totaled her even though she was sea-worthy. She was then purchased by an member of the Cascadia group and restored for the third time! She SHOULD be renamed the Phoenix! White Swan is now moored at Port Hadlock, WA where her new owner lives aboard her.

These are the photo's taken right after the storm showing the devastation to the marina and the damage to White Swan. The last ones in the series show the dock covered in blue bottom paint that White Swan ground can see how much wood she wore away!


This is White Swan restored as of October 2007.


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