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Anthem is FOR SALE!
1982 Catalina 30 Tall Rig / Bow Sprit
SOLD !!!

Full Specifications
Photo Gallery

Feast your eyes on this one of a kind coastal cruiser! This boat has had a whole lot of love and we have put much into making her unique! Five years ago when we purchased her, she was a structurally sound, had a brand new engine, but sure wasn’t pretty. She was functional but we enjoy comfort when we are cruising around the San Juan and Gulf Islands.

The Garhauer conversion to mid-boom sheeting not only makes it easier to sail but also gives you more room in the cockpit for seating. The newly rebuilt bowsprit adds not only a lot to her appearance but makes anchoring and mooring off a buoy MUCH easier. Since the anchor now drops off the point of the bow, vs. off to one side, lying at anchor is quite comfortable. Having a nice solid dodger with full grab-rails made a big difference in comfort and safety, but even better was the brand new bimini. Whether rain or shine, it has been very nice - no more lathering up in sunscreen to read in the cockpit! It’s also nice to hang wet rain gear outside and not drag it through the saloon. The autopilot and chartplotter sure make those long days easier. A full day from Port Orchard to the islands isn’t so bad when you just set the waypoints and let “auto” take the helm!

Inside she’s a whole different boat than a few years ago. New upholstery makes the cabin warm and inviting. The extended galley counter adds more working room and more storage – the cabinet added sure holds a lot of galley essentials! The faucet now has a pull out spray head so filling that large crab pot is easy. Last summer we better insulated the icebox and installed refrigeration. It is incredibly nice to not have to re-stock ice every few days, allowing for more time away from town. The conversion to a U-Shaped dinette added not only more seating room, but a huge storage space at the end, but just in case someone had their heart set on the traditional “L” shape layout, we kept the original table and the storage box unbolts for easy removal. One wonderful addition to this boat is the Dickinson Newport diesel heater. We spent 10 days out this last Christmas & New Years and even with snow on deck our boat was toasty. It’s great to have the boat be so warm and dry!

There are so many things we have upgraded and improved on this boat that she is truly un-like any other Catalina 30 you’ve seen!  We are meticulous with our work and everything has been completed to the highest standards. This is definitely a boat to see!!!

Aaron & Julie

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