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All photos in this website are copyrighted; we ask that you not copy them in any form without permission.
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All photos throughout this website are copyrighted; 
we ask that you not copy them without permission.

Buddy Cruising, Raft-ups,
Impromptu Get-Togethers...the boats, the places, the people.

Blake Island

Spring of 2000 was a fun day...we just happened to find each other on Blake Island...that is what happens when you listen to radio chatter and find out where everybody is! Pamela took the picture, front row: Julie, Lorraine and Bucky, Aaron, Steve, Trish, BJ and Glenn and in the back row Tami and Becky.

Nelle & Dunrushn

Nelle rafted up with Dunrushn for some crabbing in the Summer of 2003 at Jones Island, San Juans

Jones Island

Glenn, Uncle Fred, Lorraine, Trish and Scupper the Floating Dog on Dunrushn. Nelle rafted up with Dunrushn for some crabbing in the Summer of 2003 at Jones Island, San Juans

Securing the Mast

That is BJ suspended by Nelle and Key Result's halyards, while he secures White Swan II's broken masthead so she can be taken to Port Townsend for repairs. 2001

Where are we???

Aaron trying to figure out where he is...Summer of 2000. (psst Aaron! You were in Kingston.)

Uncle Fred's Kayakking Adventure

Blind Bay, Shaw Island...Uncle Fred makes headlines with his extreme kayakking skills. Summer 2002

Cold Day in August

BJ helping Pamela bring White Swan II back from Port Townsend after re-rigging. August 1999


Jeremy at the helm of White Swan II...driving her to her new home in Tacoma. September 2002

Aaron & Julie

Swinging in the ariel chair on White Swan II, Aaron is convincing Julie that the sailin' life ain't so bad. Spring 2000 at Dockton

Blake Island

Key Result, Dunrushn and White Swan II 2000

Scrub Harder Steve!

Steve scrubs the deck of Dunrushn prepping her for Glenn & Lorraine's return from their migration south. Spring 2000

Sleepy Morning

White Swan II and Key Result at Blake Island

Buddy Cruising & Raft-ups part 2

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