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Dunrushn's Logbook


Memorial Day Weekend, 2004 at Winslow, Bainbridge Island...and beyond into July and the San Juan Islands!!

In the initial raft up...Dunrushn, White Swan (Bob and Diana), Nelle Bly (BJ & Trish), Spirit of Freedom (Cliff & Pamela),  Anthem (Aaron & Julie).  It was a good group and lots of fun despite a little anchor line tangling. We all re-anchored by our selves after the race when the wind would not allow a raft-up. While ashore at dinner the Dunrushn dragged off to cuddle against one of the (how should I call them?) "boat hobos" To those who have never been to this great harbor just across Puget Sound from Seattle's downtown, about 8 miles, these are people who have junker-boats and a bunch of tethered logs, or platforms that they live on rent free....right in front of downtown Winslow, and the Seattle Yacht Club Island branch (swanky)  Many times the elite have tried to get rid of them but its state land under all the water and they can't do it, and the state won't.  They are disreputable looking and one or more actually have children on them.  I guess most of them have jobs onshore but for the most part their a scraggly looking bunch.  I digress.  Fortunately the owners of said "home" weren't home and we didn't damage anything so we hauled the dragging anchor and took off to neutral water.  Anyway we had a potluck meal, and meals out at the good eateries on shore. 

On Tuesday June 1 the Dunrushn and the Spirit of Freedom (Glenn and Lorraine, and Cliff and Pam) took off for the San Juans and further adventures.  On the 9th of June Lorraine stepped out of the dinghy on to a dot of an island in Blind Bay just off Orcas Island and slipped and Jammed her left wrist and badly cut the palm of her right hand.  Two blessed Canadian girl Kayakers helped Glenn pick her up and gave initial 1st-aid.  Then helped Glenn get her back into the dinghy.  Fortunately Cliff and Pam were rafted with  them and  with a topical anesthetic that Cliff had on board were able to clean up the cut hand and wrap the sprained and torn tendon left wrist.  Lorraine is left handed!!! We went the next day to Friday Harbor, San Juan Is. medical clinic and got sewn up and wrapped up tight.  The marina people were absolutely great in helping us with transportation (land) and gave us the best slip in the harbor

With both hands unusable Glenn and Lorraine proceeded to spend a total of 6 weeks in the Islands even though Glenn had to cook, clean, wash, and crew...all Lorraine could do was handle the Helm because she could use her fingers.  Everyone we met was great and helpful.  That was the extent of The Dunrushn adventures, except for the FYC gathering of 9 boats at Roche Harbor for the 4th of July.  That was great and we got to say  goodbye with hugs and kisses to Diana and Bob on White Swan who were soon taking off for their great adventure.  That's all for this narration...I'll let the others tell their stories.  Happy Cruising!
PS:  crabbing season opened and everyone had good fishing for them.  5 per day per license so all had plenty and we could share.