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All photos in this website are copyrighted; we ask that you not copy them in any form without permission.
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All photos throughout this website are copyrighted; 
we ask that you not copy them without permission.

Fourth of July            Jump to July 4, 2003    July 4, 2004   July 4, 2005

July 3 and 4th had evolved into a fairly consistent FYC event...July 3 was raft-up time at Poulsbo to watch the Fireworks; and the 4th rafting up  in Blakely Harbor for the Seattle Show...

Then things started changing.....

In 2001 we all headed north and celebrated first at Spencer Spit then Fisherman's Bay, Lopez Island...                (Jump to July 4, 2003    July 4, 2004  July 4, 2005)

Spencer Spit, 2001

The Raft-up: Dunrushn with Glenn & Lorraine and Uncle Fred; Nelle Bly with BJ & Trish; and White Swan with Pamela & Cliff and Aaron & Julie. Uncle Fred is in the background on Dunrushn, Glenn in the foreground getting ready to take Bucky ashore.

Clam Cleaning

BJ and Trish have clam cleaning down to a science. They prepared a feast that night of crab and clams for everybody.

Crabbing at Spencer Spit

Aaron and Julie return from pulling crab pots and confer with BJ and Trish on Do we have enough??

Chess Match

BJ and Aaron play an intense game of chess in the cockpit of White Swan II as Trish looks on.


A month prior, Pamela (while sailing with BJ & Trish) found a great stick on Sucia, and used it to push the dink in shallow water. She left it with BJ & Trish, who returned it to her July 3 at Spencer Spit after taking it to Desolation Sound as well as naming and decorating it. Wilson was then used for the next three months while Pamela cruised. Wilson is now retired with a place of honor on Pamela & Cliff's deck at home.

Nelle Bly Flying

Jeremy took this photo in the middle of San Juan channel while in the dink with Aaron driving. We were all on the way to Fisherman's Bay for the fireworks and parade. July 3, 2001

White Swan Flying

This was also taken by Jeremy from the same dink with the same insane driver. The most interesting part is that they hopped into the dink while under full sail off of White Swan...THAT was a real challenge! July 3, 2001

The Cow

This was one of the many unique floats in a great parade. The parade on Lopez Island is definately one of the best! July 4, 2001

Movable Garage Band

These guys were really pretty darned good! Their mother was pulling them with the family station wagon! Funny thing...she had the windows rolled up!

July 4, 2003    July 4, 2004  July 4, 2005

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