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Spirit of Freedom's Gunkhole Adventure 2004...the adventure continues.... part 3                  Jump to...part 4

Tami's First Cruising Adventure

Mark (long time crew for Pamela) talked his wife Tami into cruising for a week on Spirit. They joined the boat in Canoe Cove, Sidney with grand plans of wonderful weather and lots of sailing! Tami's introduction was going to be least that is what Mark and Pamela hoped.


Gloves on and ready to where is the wind? And the Sun? Where did it all go???

Patiently waiting

Tami and Mark, at anchor in Todd Inlet...patiently waiting for the weather to clear and the winds to rise...unfortunately they never really did. But Tami assures us that she enjoyed herself anyway! (Lets see if she comes back next summer....I sure hope so!)


Pamela met Ralph online in a chatroom and invited him aboard...well, not quite a chat room...a discussion list! Ralph joined Pamela in the Gulf Islands for a week up there and then helped bring Spirit on home...Mark also came back for a second week.

Trouble here

Mark at the helm with Ralph standing by with advice...Don't Tweak!! Quit the tweaking! LOL....Mark is a "go fast" and Ralph is a "when we get there"...lots of fun...really! Our first day out was marvelous...lots of wind, first a beat then a reach then a downwind run rounding the north end of Salt Spring Island. Leaving that morning we encountered a pod of Orca....didn't get real close, but it was neat seeing them in the distance...We were pretty busy short tacking at that point anyway.

Bedwell Harbor

Pender Islands, Bedwell Harbor. Lovely anchorage...and only three sailboats there. The next morning we woke to thick fog, which pretty much stayed with us for the next four days, not even clearing off during the day.

New Boat

Ralph is busy pointing to and showing off "his" new boat. This beauty lives on North Pender Island...tied to a dock at an incredible estate.

Life of Riley

Mark and in the dink...touring Bedwell Harbor

Rock formations

Man-made? Or Natural? Obviously visitors to the marine park at Bedwell Harbor had been busy all summer. Mark and Ralph don't get the credit however.

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