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Gunkhole Adventure 2002 

This trip was renamed the Roe-V-Wade cruise as it was cut short and we came home a month-and-a-half early. It was great while it lasted! Cliff and I (Pamela) headed up north and had a lovely time in the San Juan Islands for two-and-a-half weeks, including spending some time buddy boating with Glenn & Lorraine, and of course Uncle Fred. We had a great time trying out the new little kayaks I had purchased and put aboard the night before we left.

Tami flew into Roach Harbor to meet me after Cliff left for home and we immediately headed to Sidney to check into Canada, having a very rolly and bumpy ride across Haro Strait. After checking in with customs we sailed to Tod Inlet behind the famous Buchart Gardens of Victoria, BC. While anchored there we had an invasion of thousands of jellyfish...which would move as a single mass throughout the anchorage, holding us hostage. When we escaped from the jellyfish we  wandered the Gulf Islands for another 10 days having various adventures along the way...mainly because my daughter-in-law Trish gave me the book "Pub Hopping in the Gulf Islands"! We of course used it as our primary cruising guide!

I wanted Tami to experience the famous "Humming Bird Inn" on Galliano Island, so we headed for there. The bus ride to the pub is as famous as the pub itself...something EVERYBODY needs to experience. Well, wouldn't you know it...the bus had broken down again! So there we were, standing beside the road, just dying to go to the pub. So we stuck out our thumbs and got picked up by three guys that were working for  Canadian Hydrographic, doing soundings for chart updates! Cool! And they were on their way to the pub as well. At the pub we met up with a couple that lo and behold live right near me; nothing like having to cruise far from home to meet your neighbors! This is a scenario I encounter all the time. By the end of dinner the bus was fixed and we careened down the hills singing our lungs out to "Strawberry Hill" all the way back to the anchorage. Then into the dink to find our way back to White Swan in a blacker-than-black anchorage with about 50 anchor lights that look just like what to do? Whistle for the dog! I did, Buddy barked and we located home! About two hours later the winds picked up and the anchorage got lively! On watch in the cockpit I saw the most incredible falling star I have ever between watching lots of boats drag! What a night!

We had arranged to meet friend Trish (Patricia) in Ganges; and ended up staying in Ganges an extra two days due to the death of the refrigerator and an installation of a new exhaust hose which Tami brought with her. The one good thing about being "stranded" in Ganges, was that we were on the dock of "Mobey's Pub" of our planned destinations as per our new cruising guide! Leaving Ganges we had an awesome sail, with brisk (20+knot) winds on the nose, and beat our way out racing a couple of men in a 30' sloop to Montague Harbor on Galliano Island. The girls won, only because we refused to reef!

After leaving Montegue, we headed back to the States and San Juan Islands, checking into Roche Harbor customs and then heading off to Sucia. We got to Sucia late in the day, with the winds starting to pick up. And pick up they nightfall it was blowing like hell and boats drug all night long. At daylight things were actually starting to get worse and the rollers coming into the anchorage were no fun at all. While the engine warmed up, I ran Buddy to shore (no mean feat in those conditions) while Tami and Trisha prepped the boat to leave. And leave we did...Calling it our escape from Sucia...huge waves on the bow, tide rips and fog rolling in...absolutely the worst conditions possible...but better than staying in Echo Bay! We headed for the shelter of Reid Harbor, Stuart Island, where we found, as usual, a totally protected and welcoming anchorage.

From Stuart we headed to San Juan Island and Roche Harbor where Mike, Tami's husband, met up with us (Tami missed him...awwww!) and helped bring White Swan back home for an early end to the 2002 Gunkhole Adventures Up North.

Clifford and I managed to sneak in another two weeks in September in South Puget Sound on what turned out to be our final cruise on White Swan.

Lorraine & Cliff

Cliff helps Lorraine into a kyak in Blind Bay. Cliff & Pamela buddy boated with Glenn, Lorraine and Uncle Fred for a week in the San Juans in July.


Lorraine deciding that just MAYBE an engine would be in order!

Uncle Fred

Uncle Fred shows how it is done! He took off in that kayak and Glenn was hard put to catch up with him.

Crossing Wasp Passage

White Swan sailing past the entrance to Wasp Passage, heading up San Juan Channel.

USCG and Mt. Baker

Just another one of the gorgeous views we have all through the Islands. Mt. Baker and the Cascades provide a fantastic backdrop for a USCG cutter.

Deck Shower

I think this, even though it is a shower in gorgeous surroundings, might be why Cliff decided to buy Spirit for Pamela!

There she is again

Mt. Baker shows up unexpectedly around almost every island it seems throughout the San Juan and Gulf Islands. Mt. Rainer does the same thing in Puget Sound.

Man and his dog

Cliff and Danny enjoying the views. This is Cemetary Island with Stuart Island in the background.

Eye to eye with the seals

The advantage of a kayak is that you can really get face-to-face with wildlife...sometimes even when you don't want to!

Camp Nor'west

These kids canoed over from Jones Island to Cemetary Island for an afternoon of fun...they were great fun!

Islands and Islets

Notice the rock behind Danny...very typical of all the islands, that and sandstone. And very dry.

And yet another...

The San Juan and Gulf Island group are made up of over a thousand Islands and Islets...these are typical. There are over 800 alone charted in the San Juan group.

Tired Puppy

Danny, taking a nap after a big day exploring Sucia.

Satellite Channel

Tami at the helm heading into Saanich Inlet to Tod Inlet.

Tami & Buddy

End of the trailhead hiking out of Tod Inlet

Trapped by Jelly Fish

This might be hard to see, but we tried to get a picture to show the thousands upon thousands of jelly fish in Tod Inlet

Fulford Harbor

Fulford Harbor on Salt Spring Islands was one of our stops...dictated by the Pub Hopping Cruising Guide. We had a great time there, being met at the dock by two "warf rats" actually very nice young men who grabbed our lines and tied us up nice and tight!

Quiet Anchorage

This is a lovely anchorage just behind Isabella Island...very peaceful

Princess Bay

This is one of the views of Princess Bay on Portland Island. Another popular anchorage.

Fix-it Girl

Tami doing an exploratory mission on the refrigeration unit. No was DEAD.

Sucia before the Storm

This photo was taken the afternoon before a gale hit Sucia. All hell broke loose as the winds built to 35+knots, boats dragging and the waves huge as the wind came right into Echo Bay. Pamela, Tami and Patricia call their ride out of there "Escape from Sucia"...high winds, big confused seas and fog. Always a good combination! We found peace at Reid Harbor, Stuart Island...always my sanctuary.

Motoring and Bored

Ahh, the joys of no wind and motoring...Tami juggling oranges before we peeled them to get through customs. Funny, they would let us bring in peeled citrus, but not unpeeled. And they couldn't tell me why! This was US customs by the way.

Light House

Not sure of the name of this light house, but it is just before you get to Plumper Sound.

Mt. Baker, again

Once again Mt. Baker apears in all her glory.

And yet another Island

Again, typical of the tiny islands scattered throught the region.

Plumper Sound

This view is looking SE to the San Juan Islands and the US from Plumper Sound

Lowering the Courtesy Flag

Tami and Trisha lowered the Maple Leaf as we crossed the border into the US.


This is Mike (of SKYE) at the helm of White Swan on a very foggy day. He joined Pamela, Tami and Patricia in Roach Harbor for the trip home. Well, actually he came to see his wife see, she was homesick and, well...we caved in to her!

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