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Honeymoon 2004

Buchart Gardens

Celebrating 100 years in Bloom

More fireworks

Buchart Gardens really puts on a firework show

Aaron & Julie

Photo-op at Buchart Gardens


One of the wonderful fountains at Buchart Gardens

Fulford Harbor

Aaron taking it all in at the Organic Bakery at Fulford Village

Time for a swim

Aaron taking a cool-off dip in Shallow Bay on Sucia Island

Shallow Bay

Great anchorage...great view!


Gorgeous sunset from Shallow Bay


At anchorage in Todd Inlet, behind Buchart Gardens

Spinny Run

Almost no air...but still enough to make the spinny fly

Company's Commin'!

Bob & Ellie off of SKOOKUM coming to visit the newlyweds

High Tide

The tide is high in Swinomish Channel

Alien learns to sail

Little Anthem, skippered by the Green Alien

New & Improved

New bow sprit and anchor roller that Aaron installed on Anthem


Parliment Building in Victoria

Pub Bus

The world famous Hummingbird Pub Bus on Galliano Island

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