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July 4, 2004...Roche Harbor, San Juan Island, our biggest raft-up yet! In fact, it was the biggest raft up in Roche Harbor. We had a total of nine boats: Skookum (Bob & Ellie), Dunrushn (Glenn & Lorraine), White Swan II (Jeremy & Monica), Spirit of Freedom (Cliff & Pamela), Nelle Bly (BJ & Trish), Kalliope (Andy & Cathy and his brother Mike with his wife Diane), White Swan (Bob & Dianna), Daily Planet (Wes & Ann) and Narrow Path (Rich and his friend Laurie.) It was glorious weather, and everybody arrived safely...even Rich who lost his engine and had to sail through the pass! Roche Harbor was packed with boats for the festivities, everything from tiny runabouts to megayachts...and even though the fireworks were a bit lame we had a blast. of Skookum...summed it up... "Hey! Even bad fireworks are great!" Besides lots of good eating....Dianna serving 15 people crab cakes!... and a great gabfest...the sailing dinghys...or is that dingy sailors? really had a great time! You can read more about the 4th in the logbooks of Dunrushn, Nelle Bly, White Swan and Spirit of Freedom.

Raft up in Roche Harbor

This is the largest FYC raftup so far! Left to right Narrow Path; Daily Planet; White Swan; Kalliope; Nelle Bly; Spirit of Freedom; White Swan II; DunRushn; Skookum


Cockpit to Cockpit

Looking across the cockpits of the 9 boat raftup.


BJ gearing up for an fun afternoon of sailing! Dodging megyachts, high-powered dinks flying through the crowded anchorage and crab pots everywhere! Just another day at Roche Harbor!

Goin' for a ride

BJ takes Cliff for his first ride in a dinghy sailer. This is actually Bob & Dianna's boat.


Craig (Pamela's brother) joined us for the 4th...He had a blast sailing BJ's dink!


Craig almost loses it when a gust hits him. It was acutally a pretty good wind.

Pass the Pump Please

BJ passes an extra pump to Craig after his "whoops"...just in case he needs it.

Setting up the Dink

Jeremy sets up his dink...newly rebuilt and painted!


Off he goes...into the fray!

Where did YOU come from?

BJ, Cliff and Craig startle some guys in their RIB...they were so intent on what they were doing they didn't see the dinks until they were right on them!

Unique Style

Jeremy shows off his unique tiller handling style...he sailed off into the crowd and we didn't see him for nearly two hours!


Ok...who is the give-way dink?

Rough life

Jeremy relaxes in his hammock after a rough day of dinghy sailing.

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