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July 4, 2005...Garrison Bay, San Juan Island, was definitely not the biggest gathering we have ever had...but it sure was a lot of fun!

BJ & Tricia got there first and rafted up with James & Julia on Windlass, and Aaron & Julie on Anthem. On July 2 they were joined by Glenn & Lorraine on Dunrushn, Cliff & Pamela on a trying-to-sink Spirit of Freedom (see logbook for THAT story!) and Tony & Ginette from Sidney BC on Shearwave. It was Tony and Ginette's first time at a FYC event, and their very first time rafting-up.

Unfortunately due to the 4th being on a Sunday this year, BJ and Tricia, with Shane and Kendra aboard, had to leave early to get back to work...Aaron and Julie also left early...but they kinda got stuck in the mud on the way out! But no worries...they got off ok!

While everybody was there we had a wonderful pot-luck in the cockpit of Windlass...bless her HUGE cockpit! Tricia and Kendra made crab-cakes for everybody out of the many, many, many, many...did I say many? crabs that were caught by the crew of Nelle Bly.

We also trooped to Roche Harbor to catch the shuttle and/or taxi's to Friday Harbor to spend money...and found out that there is now a camel on the island. Local lore is that it was purchased on E-bay...but others dispute that! Down with the nay-sayers! BJ and Shane made some very interesting purchases of some very provocative mermaids....

Tony, Ginette and Pamela dinghied over to the local oyster farm to buy some oysters to perk everybody up...but they were sold out! I don't know who was more disappointed! Ginette or Lorraine!

Dinghy THAT was interesting! BJ, Pamela and James...lined up at the start...engines rumbling....Shane counts down the start...and GO! The engines roar, Pamela and BJ neck and neck...with James...where IS James? Anyway, BJ and Pamela roar into the first turn...BJ RAMS Pamela! His OWN MOTHER!!!!! FOUL!!! He surges ahead and runs over a crabpot and fouls his prop as Pamela races to the finish line! She WINS!!!! Where IS James???? he comes... putt, putt, putt...isn't that little engine cute?

Second race...longer course this time...BJ is cautioned NOT to ram his mother again. Countdown...engines roar and BJ and Pamela take off neck and neck, full throttle! James?? It is a long course, and BJ and Pamela are inches apart...Pamela on the inside of the pending turn...then WHAM!!! BJ rams his mother again!!! FOUL!!! WHO RAISED THAT CHILD??? He roars to the finish line hailed with boooo's from the crowd! Hurry up James! Time for the....

Third race...this time in reverse! Engines rumbling....Kendra calls the start! And they are off! Pamela has taken an early lead...and is leaving BJ and James waaaay behind! It seems the design of her new dinghy makes it an excellent backwards boat!! She rounds the mark and heads back to the finish line, passing BJ and James both still going the other way. Wait!!! What is that roar?? James has turned his dink around and is now in full forward motion!! He passes BJ...then passes Pamela with a flourish that leaves her covered in spray!!! FOUL!!! FOUL!!!

Haul her in!

Cliff is at the helm, backing Spirit down on her anchor, joining the raft-up.

Photo by Lorraine


Almost there...with BJ's coaching, Cliff did an awsome job!

Photo by Lorraine


Tony and Ginette rafts along side Spirit, while Dunrushn waits her's by Lorraine while waiting on Dunrushn

July 4, 2005

Garrison Bay, San Juan Island (left to right) Dunrushn (Glenn & Lorraine), Shearwave (Tony & Ginette), Spirit of Freedom (Cliff and Pamela), Nelle Bly (BJ & Tricia with guests Shane & Kendra) and Windlass (James & Julia & Emma)

(photo by Ginette)


Tricia and Kendra shelled and shelled and shelled....and then produced crabcakes for all. Enough for left-overs even!

(photo by Julie)

Cleaning the dogs

Dunrushn was the load/unload point for Tony and Ginette's two large dogs as they were rafted on the inside. Ginette is busy cleaning up her pooches...they loved finding the mud onshore!


Cliff getting a cuddle while visiting on Shearwave

What is he up to now?

BJ with his usual usual messing with something!

(photo by Julie)

Hammock time

Cliff enjoys some hammock time while watching the commings and goings during our raft-up.

Photo by Lorraine

Fendered up and ready!

Spirit of Freedom ready to join the raft-up. Her anchor was dropped far-far away from the raft-up and under BJ's direction Cliff backed her into the raft-up.

(photo by Julie)

And they are off!

The first race of three!

photo by Shane

Just Desserts

Pamela in the lead followed by James, as BJ untangles his prop. Serves him right for ramming his mother!

Photo by Shane

BJ trying to catch up!

The dinghy races were so much fun...we are going to have to do it again next year...with more dinks!

Photo by Shane

Crossing the finish line

BJ flys across the finish line...after untangling his prop.

Photo by Shane

Dingy Race

Backwards racing....LOL Great fun!

photo by Shane


Pamela takes an early lead....

Photo by Lorraine


James cheats during the backwards race.

Photo by Lorraine


James giving himself a big thumbs up as he crosses the finish line...going the wrong way in the back-wards race.

Photo by Shane


Everybody fits in Windlass's Cockpit!

Dog baths

Scupper makes sure that Ginette is getting her pups all clean from their romp in the mud ashore.

Photo by Lorraine

Doggie Run

Glenn trys out Pamela and Cliff's new dink and takes Scupper ashore.

Photo by Lorraine

Tall ship

Glenn and Lorraine, on their way to the San Juan's, passed several of the Tall Ships arriving in Puget Sound.

Photo by Lorraine

Another Tall Ship

photo by Lorraine