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Memorial Day Weekend 2005...Liberty Bay, Poulsbo WA
    We had a lovely time, with a great group! Rafted up were Nelle Bly, Dunrushn, Kalliope, Daily Planet and Spirit of Freedom. Anchored nearby was Narrow Path and Anthem. Friends Brooke and John from Timepiece dinghied over for a short visit. Jeremy and Monica drove over to join us for dinner on Saturday evening as they were unable to bring White Swan due to work schedules.

    It was a relaxing weekend, with great weather...perfect for sailing in the BJ's sailing dink, which was probably the most strenuous thing anybody did! Potlucks aboard, shopping excursions in town and of course then mandatory visit to the Garlic Shop!

    The only disappointment of the entire weekend was our dinner at "That's A Some Italian Restaurant"...normally fantastic food with great (and entertaining) service. It just wasn't up to par! In fact...Denny's would have been better!

Unfortunately due to a computer crash, all of the photos from 2005 were lost!!!!