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Memorial Day Weekend 2007...Liberty Bay, Poulsbo WA

Even though it poured down rain thru most of the weekend and two of the boats had "sickies" aboard, we had a wonderful time...boat-hopping, visiting and eating.  JD, the newest addition to the family, attended his first FYC event with his Mom Katie...and his brother Will. This was also Katie's first FYC as she has only recently moved back to the area. Uncle Fred was on Dunrushn, and Jeremy & Monica drove in for one afternoon.

We were a bit scattered, the "big raft-up" was Dunrushn, Spirit of Freedom, Shearwave and Fourth Chakra, owned by Larry...this was Larry's first FYC! We will probably invite him again since he brought such wonderful deep-dish apple pies; though Larry was so camera shy we didn't get a photo of him! Anthem was anchored nearby with Julie recovering from a terrible cold. Nelle Bly and the Daily Planet were rafted near, keeping their kitties quarantined from the dogs, Scupper, Angel and K2, and the elder-kitty of the FYC...DC. Fin was having a rough was one of his first trips and he wasn't a happy kitty, in fact he turned out to be a sick little kitty for a while! Narrow Path was anchored nearby as well, but unfortunately Rich had to work most of the weekend; dropping by just to say hi.