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All photos in this website are copyrighted; we ask that you not copy them in any form without permission.
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All photos throughout this website are copyrighted; 
we ask that you not copy them without permission.

Memorial Day Weekends  Jump to 2001-2002 photos
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Log and Photo Gallery
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 In the beginning......

2001 Found us in Poulsbo, with a fairly small raft-up...missing White Swan II due to a broken mast. Boats in attendance: Dunrushn, Glenn & Lorraine with cousins Mike & Kathy aboard; Nelle Bly, BJ & Trish; Quicksilver, Aaron & Julie and Run-Around-Sue, Clark and Sue. Pamela drove in for the evening and joined everybody for a great dinner at "That's A Some 'Italian Restaurante!" This was the historic event where Lorraine surveyed all the women in the restaurant as to how many pairs of shoes they owned. The average was somewhere around 20! Unfortunately we didn't get any really good photos as the "official" photographer didn't arrive until late AND forgot to take pictures! Jump to 2001-2002 photos

2002 We were in Port Ludlow, with a BIG raft-up.  Dunrushn, Nelle Bly, Quicksilver and Run-Around-Sue were joined by Pamela & Cliff on White Swan II, Jeremy with his new boat Storm Runner and James & Julia on Windlass. Anchored near, but afraid to join the raft-up was Brook & John on Timepiece. Windlass's wonderfully huge cockpit held the entire crowd for a potluck supper. All the "boys" took out Jeremy's new Catalina 30 and showed him how to sail her!
Jump to 2001-2002 photos

2003 We didn't have a raft-up as we were scattered all over the sound and north...but we will make up for it in 2004!

2004...Winslow, Bainbridge Island. We definitely made up for not having a FYC raft-up in 2003! Unfortunately not all of the FYC boats could make it...Jeremy & Monica didn't have enough time off to sail up. But they joined us for the festivities and RACE on Sunday. Boats in the official raft-up were: Dunrushn (Glenn & Lorraine), Spirit of Freedom (Pamela & Cliff), Nelle Bly (BJ & Trish), White Swan (Bob & Dianna) and Anthem (Aaron & Julie). Rich, (who lives aboard his Catalina 30 Narrow Path in Winslow), provided us with some GREAT photos! Thanks Rich!!! He also participated in the race to Seattle and back. There was plenty of wind on Sunday for our race! Monica found out that the cockpit of a Tayana 37 can fill with water! And that it runs right out again! There was more than enough wind to break up the raft up...What a mess! :>) Read about it in Dunrushn's Logbook! Friends stopping by and joining us for a meal or two were Shane and Kendra, James, Julia and Emma of Windlass and of course Rich of Narrow Path. The weekend ended with Dunrushn and Spirit of Freedom heading north for their 2004 Gunkholing and Bob & Dianna beginning the final prep for their cruising adventure! Jump to 2004 Memorial Day photos

Photos from 2001 and 2002 Raft-ups

Poulsbo, 2001

There was no reason for Clark & Sue to have to row back to the raft-up after dinner when BJ could tow them!

Poulsbo, 2001

Clark & Sue...dinkin in style!

Poulsbo, 2001

It was dark, but we needed a pic of the raft-up. Quicksilver, Nelle Bly, Dunrushn & RunAroundSue (hidden).

Poulsbo, 2001

Peek-a-booh Run Around Sue! You can barely see her.

Port Ludlow, 2002

This was Jeremy's first raft-up! Left to right: QuickSilver, White Swan II, Windlass, Nelle Bly, Run Around Sue and Storm Runner.

Port Ludlow, 2002

BJ sits on Windlass while James lounges on White Swan...all the while Julia is strummin' in the cockpit.

Port Ludlow, 2002

Aaron showing Jeremy how to splice a line. (Notice the Chapman's open to splicing?)

Port Ludlow, 2002

Potluck in the cockpit of Windlass

2004 Photos

Official 2004 Memorial Day Raft-up

Dunrushn, Spirit of Freedom, Nelle Bly, White Swan and Anthem

A Wee bit Close?

We were wondering if we were a little close to the ferry dock...but decided we weren't since we didn't get run over or blasted with their horns!


BJ delivering Monica and Jeremy to the festivities.

Baby on Board

James, Julia and Emma come over for a visit

Dinner Crowd

Dinner in the cockpit of Sprit of Freedom. Left to right: Aaron, Julie, Dianna, Shane, BJ, Cliff, Trish and Kendra.

Dinner below Decks

Now we know why Lorraine wanted to eat below decks on Spirit...that way she could have Bob and Glenn all to herself!

Now BJ....

Is that Bob giving BJ a lecture?? And is BJ laughing at him?? Makes one wonder!

Blow up Toy

Now we all know what Bob does in his spare least it helped entertain Emma!

Race Start

Nelle reefed and ready to race. Trish at the helm with BJ, Jeremy, Monica and Pamela aboard

White Swan

White Swan ready to race with Bob and Dianna with Aaron and Julie as crew

Narrow Path

Narrow Path charging across the sound with Rich and James


Trish was on the helm for the entire race...and won it! White Swan in the background.

No Fear

Dianna obviously has no fear....that is her enjoying the ride on the bowsprit during the race!

Wet Rail

This is shortly before Monica found out that water coming into the cockpit doesn't mean the boat is going over!

And back to Bainbridge

White Swan had completed her turn back to Bainbridge...Seattle in the background


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