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My life was destined to be spent living by water, and with it, all the magic and joy it holds! My Dad Jim was in the Navy for 27 years, so my Mom Mary Lou took my Brother Bill and I swimming, surfing, snorkeling, sailing, etc...If it had to do with water, I wanted to be a part of it!!!
    My Dad bought us our first sailboat- a 12 foot mahogany “sunfish” while we lived in Hawaii in 1970. It was light, fast, and so much fun for a 13-year-old kid to learn how to handle her. My brother and I would put up the mast, pull up the sail, put the piece of wood through the middle of the thing so it wouldn’t tip over, put the steering paddle thing on the back of the boat and attach the lever to the paddle thing. Then, throw it in the water and pull in on the rope that went through the pulleys and hang on! What fun! My folks had a friend with a Hobie 16 that we got out on a few times and loved it!
    This sailor eventually ended up landlocked in of all places, Albuquerque, NM. Ahhhh, where’s the water?!* Oh well, I bought a Prindle 19 catamaran and lake sailed for 3 years. I learned a ton and had such a great time on “Jollymon”
     The next real sailing were chartered boats. The first time was out of Tortolla in the BVI’s on a 50-foot Beneteau with Captain and Cook. OK, now I’m hooked! Next was sailing in Florida in a training School, off to Tahiti with the Moorings, sailing in the Seychelles, a trip from the Queen Charlottes down to Friday Harbor, and finally the decision to own a true cruising boat.
    I owned a 35 foot Hinterhoeller Niagara and lived aboard her (Jollymon Too) with my ex  for about 2 1/2 years. I learned how to do everything on the boat to maintain her, rebuild her and generally reworked her from the keel up. Although I never sailed her much for all the work we did, I still loved her and the lifestyle.
     I now own a Catalina 30 “Narrow Path” and live aboard her. I have been aboard her now for over a year and get to sail about once or twice a week. In fact I was out last night (1/10/05) with BJ, Greg, Lori and her kids Lily and Cooper. It was blowing about 20 knots with 3-foot chop...We all were smiling and loving it!
     The name “Narrow Path” is derived from the Bible- "Wide is the road to destruction, Narrow Is the Path to righteousness." It reminds me who is really in charge of the oceans we all get to play on!
     Narrow Path is 30 feet overall with an 11 foot beam. She draws 5 foot 3 inches and weighs 10,000 pounds. She carries 40 gallons of water and 20 gallons of diesel. She is sloop rigged with a double reef in the main; She has 200 feet of chain attached to a 22 pound Bruce anchor. She has refrigeration, a Dickerson Newport heater; Propane stove with 3 burners and oven. She is steered by a tiller
attached to a spade rudder.
    My future plans have me sailing more, and helping a friend of mine with a delivery of a Catalina 42 from the Sound to Fort Bragg July 2005.
    I’m always needing more reasons to get her out of her slip, so call me and...

Past that, I’m just out here living your dreams!!!

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FYC Raftup

Narrow Path holding down one end of the 2004 Fourth of July Raft-up of the FYC in Roche Harbor, San Juan Island.

Sunset Sailing

A beautiful summer night of sailing included this incredible sunset sail back into our home port, Eagle Harbor.

Winter Blues?? Naaah!

Is it fun on a living on a boat in the winter? Heck yea! BJ and I dusted the snow off after this picture and sailed for two hours. The grins on our faces were hard to get rid of!

Interior Make-overs

Thanks to Lori and her Mom Fran, Narrow Path got a makeover! She sure is more cozy and happy now!

Another View

Just another sample of the interior redecorating!

Christmas Party 2004

Good friends onboard Narrow Path during the Eagle Harbor Boat Parade this last Christmas. We handed out candy canes to the crowd on the dock, drank hot chocolate and sang carols!


I didn't want to be in my slip, so I anchored at the mouth of Eagle Harbor and did boat work for a few hours. This was the view of Seattle through my port that day. Once again...this never gets old!!!

Quit Smiling!

"Captain" Lori at the helm of Narrow Path... Hey! Try not to smile so much!

Up the Mast

Here I am up the mast without a paddle! BJ hoisted me up the mast this day to put on the wind indicator!

Blake Island

Narrow Path sits happily at Blake Island on a beautiful summers day. (Remember, it always rains up here!)

Isn't she pretty?

She is also beautiful close up!

Mom & Dad

Mom relaxing aboard, while Dad is doing just what he loves, steering his boys boat!

Rainy Day

Seattle on a beautiful day! I went out for a sail today (1/24) and it was awesome! (but if anyone always rains up here!!!)

Blue Skies

Looking up the sail with a beautiful sky to highlight it!!!

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