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Photo Gallery 3

These photos are from the "land cruise" that Rich took to Europe the Summer of 2005.

Cool looking lamp post in Paris that resembles a ship!

River barges people live on, on the River Seine in the middle of Paris...What a life!

A beautiful Sterling Silver Square Rigger in a window in Madrid.

Cruising boat with the laundry a flyin in Lagos Portugal

Checking out the boats on the docks of the Lagos Marina in Portugal

Lagos Marina

Overlooking the town of Salema, Portugal after a great hike

What a great sunset in Salema, Portugal. It was the middle of October and I was bodysurfing for an hour and a half in just a bathing suit.

A square rigged steamer on the side of a building in Lisbon Portugal!

The river mouth in Lisbon that meets the Atlantic. The bridge is one of the longest in the world and the statue in the distance is like 600 feet high

Rainbow over the bridge in Lisbon

This fortress used to be in the middle of the river before it silted up around it. It was the last things sailors like Vasco De Gama saw as they left

A huge statue to honor the explorers who sailed into the unknown to explore the world.


Thought you might like to see my new hatch board I just built. I've been thinking about it for about a year, but finally got to it. It brings in so much light and really improves the interior for brightness! I built it out of Mahogany with Black Walnut Trim. I added the print material for a privacy screen with snaps! I was out sailing last night doing 5.5 knots and loving life! -April 06

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