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Photo Gallery 2

Not Exactly Sea level photography...

A plume of steam coming out of Mt. St. Helens as I flew over on a trip to see the folks.

My Neighbors!

Just another typical sunset on the Sound


A late night visitor to the Marina!

Long dinghy ride

My Kiwi 1st Mate Tony on a trip up to Puget Sound for a visit

Roche Harbor

Roche Harbor on July 4, 2004. Perfect weather and great friends made it great!

Mt. Rainier

A view of Mt. Rainer from Narrow Path on a great day.

Good Bye!

A great day to be heading out of Roche Harbor on the way back to Bainbridge Island!


Otto the Auto-Pilot keeping our course while looking back at Seattle. This was my Birthday Sail and a spectacular day it was!

Neat and Tidy

A rigged Lee Cloth keeping everything held while under sail.

Control Central

My Nav Station with charts, the sterio, VHF and assorted stuff.

Gourmet Central

My HUGE Galley! A three burner propane stove and some supplies.

School is In!

BJ sitting in the cockpit of Narrow Path giving some instructions to his bud Tony as we sail across the sound.

Smile Bigger!!!

This is BJ's friend Tony who joined us for a great sail to Seattle and back. He is considering buying a power boat...or could that grin be the face of a sailor?


Standing on the cabin top of Narrow Path as we cook along at 6.5 knots. This was taken February 16, 2005

Sunset over the Sound

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