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Nelle Bly....Summer of 2007

Surfer Dude

This is the surfer dude whose foot we are sure was the same found at Jedidiah Island on our way south. This photo was taken in the middle of the Strait of Georgia!!

Bruce Rock

This is a pic of our second "Bruce Rock"! We managed to get two in two consecutive anchorages. Tenedos and Prideaux Haven.

Quiet Anchorage

A nice evening at the Copelands with James and Julia.

Entering Squitty Bay

This is a tight squeeze!

Sunset at the Copeland Islands

It doesn't get any better than this!

Cruise Director and Mary Ann

Ginger (alias:Elaine)

Toba Inlet

End in sight

Almost to the end of Toba Inlet

Raftup in the Copeland Islands

Twisted Pair throws a big wake!

Ginger & the Professor

Goofin' Off

The Cruise Director & Mary Ann


Copeland Islands

Sunset Reflection

Raft-up at the Copeland Islands, Spirit of Freedom, Daily Planet, Nelle Bly & Twisted Pair


Curious Seal

Jen & Cody

We met up with Jen & Cody and the girls at Sucia Island on our way home.


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