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BJ & Tricia....Photos of This and That and a little bit of Everything Else!

Jump to New Photos on page two! (added May 2008)

Nelle wins  Best Decorated Sailboat in Port Ludlow! 2005


Early Spring Sail to Langley with Shane and Kendra, March 25 & 26, 2006
    Sightings of Grey Whales...but no photos. Blake hides in his carrier as Nelle goes to weather.


Here are a couple shots of our trip to the Glass Beach, April 24, 2006. It was a great day! We launched the dink at Port Townsend and headed out around Point Wilson down almost to Cape George. The weather was perfect.


Another trip to Glass Beach, May 13, 2006 We took three dinghys. Shane and Kendra in their's, Trish, Chloe (Jen & Cody's oldest) and me in ours, and Jen, Cody and Sophie in their's. The weather was perfect, light wind, very low tide, and hot on the beach. We left at 9:30 and spent the day there leaving around 5:00. We ate good food, beach combed and tanned all day.---BJ

The last picture is Chloe's mermaid that she made and decorated with glass from the beach!


April, 2006 Spring Landscaping Project....which HAD to include a boat!

Lots of Upgrades on Nelle this year, some interior photos

September 24, 2006 Sail...Another great day!

September 10, 2006 Sailing into Port Ludlow, returning home from the Pt. Townsend Wooden Boat Festival...



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