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Nelle Bly's Summer 2004 Vancouver Island Circumnavigation part 2           return to part 1

Roche Harbor, July 4, 2004

The great July 4 FYC raft-up in Roche Harbor...almost 100% participation!

High Stress Levels

Trish stressing out on a rough sail toward Hole in the Wall where we stopped at the Octopus Islands

Artists at Large

Trish and BJ at the driftwood art cabin in the Octopus Islands

Driftwood Art

Nelly Bly and the Dalily Planet's art contribution to the driftwood art cabin at the Octopus Islands

and more....

More of the cabin...what a great place!

Octopus Islands

Nelle Bly and the Daily Planet rafted up in the Octopus Islands. The Cabin is a must see.


Bear on the beach in Tahsis Narrows on Nootka Island

Trish out for a paddle...

trying to get cell coverage to call her Dad for his birthday. "Can you hear me now?"....NO!

Oysters, Clams and Beer

Catch of the day in the Copeland Islands


Trish on the fordeck watching for logs while BJ watched the radar. Thick fog is all we saw in Johnstone Strait from Port Harvey to Alert Bay. Better than the bolt lightening the day before!

Out of the Fog

Trish passing Alert Bay on the way to Port Hardy, glad to be out of the fog!

Crab Trap Surprise

The Daily Planet in Port Harvey, Wes caught a dog fish in his crab trap!

Daily Planet

The Daily Planet crossing the Nahwitti Bar on a beautiful calm morning.

Cape Scott

Trish about 10 miles off Cape Scott with a nice breeze out of the NW which built over the next couple days to 40 knots


BJ at the helm while he and Nelle have surfing lessons down the west coast of Vancouver Island. Lots of control and easy helm with just the staysail at 8+knots.

Building Seas

The seas building as we headed out of Tahisis Inlet, jut before the camera went away as the crew was no longer interested in anything but trying to not puke as the winds and seas built.


Running South from Cape Scott toward Winter Harbor