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New Years Eve

A memorable New Years Eve...2000. We figured if the lights went out in Seattle, we wanted to see it happen from Blake Island. Just a small group of us, BJ & Trish on Key Result; Pamela & Cliff with Aaron on White Swan II; Cody & Jen on Cava; and Mark and Terry on Zigeuner.



One of the best things about arriving early at Blake Island is watching all the dockings.

All BJ's Boats

This photo shows White Swan II (Pamela), Key Result (BJ & Trish) and Cava (Cody & Jen) rafted together. All three belonged to BJ at some point in time.


Aaron, Cody & BJ...have their gloves on and ready to play catch.

Run BJ!

BJ is racing to catch a wild throw by Cody.

Blake Island

This is the beach on the east side of the Island, looking north towards Seattle.

Breakwater and Basin

This shows the spit at the east end of the moorage basin which leads out to the breakwater. Pamela is on the spit with the Point Cabana (site of Thanksgiving) behind.


Aaron, BJ and Trish enjoy a game of Monopoly on Key Result.

More Monopoly

The game gets more intense as Jen and Cody join in.


BJ is in the galley doing dishes while Jen and Cody recover from the pot-luck feast held aboard Mark's (Jen's father's) boat. Little Gizmo is on Jen's lap.

New Years Morning

Cody and Aaron, seen here on Marks boat look all done in after a late New Years Eve.

To much Wine

Mark and Cliff feel the need to "hang on" after a bit too much fun.

Great Salon

Mark and Terry's boat had plenty of room for everybody to hang out in.


At one point during the evening Mark entertained the crowd with his Banjo, Boomer sang along.

The BIG raft-up

The raft-up spread across one entire section. Marks 50' Zigeuner, then Jen & Cody's 34' Kava, alongside BJ & Trish's 4l' Key Result and holding them to the dock Pamela's 36' White Swan II.

New Years 2003

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