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All photos in this website are copyrighted; we ask that you not copy them in any form without permission.
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All photos throughout this website are copyrighted; 
we ask that you not copy them without permission.

The Early Years...


BJ in his first boat "Explorer" Memorial Day Weekend, 1990 on his way to Jarrells Cove, South Puget Sound, buddy boating with Gramma and Grandaddy.

BJ the Power Boater, 1993?

This is BJ in his Bayliner he bought while in high school for water skiing and later, after he moved aboard the "beast," the little Bayliner became a water taxi.


1997, Pamela at the helm of Free 'n Clear, Haro Strait. She and Cliff joined BJ and Trish for a week of sailing in the San Juan and Gulf Islands.


BJ checking on his mom, Pamela, at the helm on a cold morning! 1997

Harmony Islands

1998...BJ & Trish took Aaron, Cliff & Pam on a wonderful cruise on Free 'n Clear up north to the Harmony Islands.

In the beginning....

1999 This was taken at Kitsap Marina, where at one time BJ & Trish, Glenn & Lorraine, Pamela & Cliff, and Steve all had their boats. Auxillary members Bob & Dianne were also here. This shows Dunrushn with Glenn on deck, Lorraine on the dock, then KeyResult & BJ with White Swan tucked behind.

Sinclair Inlet, August 1999

Pamela, her Dad (Glenn) and Aaron went out for a daysail in Sinclair Inlet. This photo has a LONG story behind it; involving an engine that wouldn't turn off and an anchor that set itself free while taking ferry wake.

Winter Sunset

December 26, 1999 This was one a great day on White Swan (who was owned by Pamela at the time). Pam, BJ, Trish, Aaron, and Brett all took off on a dead calm morning and ended up having a fantastic day of sailing.

Tired Crew, December 26, 1999

Trish and her brother Brett asleep while undersail...good thing it was downwind!

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