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All photos in this website are copyrighted; we ask that you not copy them in any form without permission.
Please contact for any additional information.


All photos throughout this website are copyrighted; 
we ask that you not copy them without permission.

Ports of Call & Destinations

Sometimes it is a planned get-together; other times an impromptu day of fun...but no matter where we end up...or where we are in the Pacific Northwest it is always beautiful.

Swinomish Channel

This old boat house is just North of Hole in the Wall, a wide spot where you can pull into to let a tug tow pass...the water is almost always this color there...beautiful.

Quiet Morning

With the fog just lifted...old pilings and the Olympic Mountains behind just off the shore in Port Townsend.

Fish Tower

These little teeny wooden boats with their sighting towers used to ply the Islands in search of salmon. Fishermans Bay, Lopez Island July 2001 Photo by Jeremy

Stuart Island Trail

Anthem can be seen below in Reid Harbor, Stuart Island. Photo by Julie

Boat Graveyard

Fisherman's Bay, Lopez Island. Old abandoned fishing era passed. Photo by Jeremy

Peaceful Morning

Key Result and White Swan II share a peaceful winter morning at Blake Island.

Big Foot

Cliff discovered that not only was Big Foot on "Buddy's Island" but wore Nikes as well!

Ports of Call & Destinations...part two
Ports of Call & Destinations...part three


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