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Shearwave....Tony and Ginette's Niagara 35

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    When you are born in England, you are never too far away from the sea. Nowhere in England is ever more than 50 miles from one ocean or another, heart of oak and all that. So it wasn't much of a surprise that I grew up with a fondness for water, albeit a kayak on the local canal. The canal was so polluted that at times you could actually walk on the water. To cut a long story short, I graduated to a 500 hp RIB scooting around on the north sea, saturation diving, having a great time and getting paid for it!!
    After I moved to Canada in 1978 I met Ginette and we pursued our love of the outdoors together. We played with touring kayaks including getting caught in severe weather during a trip on Lake Superior. We survived the onset of hypothermia and eventually made it back to civilization. (Touring kayaks are the safest boats in the world... and nobody will ever change our minds on that point). We also played with white water kayaks, both gaining certification in the sport.
    In the winter we skied, both being members of the Canadian Ski Patrol System, gaining certification in "on hill" techniques and of course Advanced First Aid and Rescue. After we left the CSPS we had this sort of epiphany.... let's sail around the world!
    I know! I know! We bought a Catalina 27 which we kept in Oak Bay, just to see if we liked it. We did, and about 12 months later we bought Shearwave, a 35' Niagara sloop, built in Ontario by Richard Hinterholler. She is built like a brick outhouse, which is what we wanted for a circumnavigation. Designed as a blue water boat she was just what we were looking for. We set out on three years of refit. I knew that Shearwave would get there, but I was doubtful if she would get back again!
    During this period of refit, I was taken ill..... end of circumnavigation. So you lot are stuck with us paddling around the great Pacific Northwest always wanting to point the bowsprit out a little more and perhaps, one day, not stopping!
    Some of you may remember that we sail with two dogs ( D'Fer and K2) Well, D'Fer has left us and now it is just K2. K2 is the clumsy one, falling off Dunrushn and walking off the dock while watching a Blue Heron.
    We don't spend as much time on the boat as we would like, usually about four months each year. Living in Edmonton, Alberta is too far away for the odd weekend. (750 miles)
We look forward to seeing you all again at the next FYC raft-up.

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