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Logbook of Spirit of Freedom            

2009 Gunkhole Adventure Photo and Logbook combined (Under Construction)

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2004 Gunkhole Adventure Part One     jump to 2004 Gunkhole Adventure Part Two   Click HERE for photos of 2004

The "unofficial start" to Spirit of Freedom’s 2004 Gunkhole Adventures, actually began May 14, when Pamela left Gig Harbor alone on Spirit to go to Longbranch, Fulicy Bay (South Puget Sound) for the "South Sound Sail In and Wine Tasting Event"…a rendezvous of friends from SailNet’s PacNW email list…and the first official gathering of the virtual yacht club…CASCADIA. Dunrushn also made this event!

Email sent to PacNW list:
May 18, 2004  Just got in this afternoon after leaving Fulicy Bay Sunday AM.....I have to say...I had a wonderful time and loved meeting all of you face-to-face! It was a terrific weekend and I can hardly wait to do it again. Skip is SUCH a good sport....I just can't hold back my evil twin sometimes...I turn my back and out she pops! But Skip...what can I say? You are marvelous! LOL <Kiss & hugs to you> And remember, it WASN'T me! Les...thank you so much for your playing the was marvelous!
    Ok...bit of an adventure & a side trip on the way home from Longbranch. I had been planning on taking Spirit of Freedom to CSR Marine in Des Moines to have the clutch plate replaced and had it scheduled for this past Monday, so  I left Longbranch headed for Des Moines.
    It was dead calm when I left Fulicy and while motoring across the bay, at midpoint I came abreast of a large deer swimming to the other side...actually a fairly common sight through rural Puget Sound...but still a lovely way to say goodbye. As I entered Balch Passage I could see TurtleMon (Harry and his lovely, lovely can bring her anytime Harry!) far to the South...just off of Devils Head. I made excellent time through the Narrows, maxing out at 12.2 knots over ground...still no wind, so motoring the whole way. At the southern end of Colvos I raised Les on the VHF and said a final goodbye. He is such a great guy. I spotted a whale blowing mid-Commencement Bay, but he was heading away from didn't get a real good look, just another blow off in the distance...Cool!
    I planned on doing a "touch and go" at Crows Nest Marina, to pick up my youngest son Jeremy...never having been into the Des Moines marina before, and not certain where I was going I thought having crew onboard was a good plan.
    Just outside of the entrance to Crows Nest, I was moving forward at idle speed...having just come off the deck from dropping down some fenders...just as I stepped back into the cockpit I heard and felt a thump-Bump!. I immediately put the engine in neutral...and looked to see what I had hit...I had been keeping my eyes open and hadn't seen a thing. I looked all around and behind....and still didn't see a thing. I gingerly put the boat back into forward gear, and she sounded fine...and engaged fine. I then put her into reverse...again...everything was ok. So, on I went. I called my son and told him that I was just coming in and to meet me at the pooper-pump dock where I would just touch and lines out...just fenders...not stopping, just slowing down to let him climb aboard...
    As I approached the dock, and put the boat into reverse to slow her and turn alongside the dock...there was an awful clang, thump, bump, shake, and rattle...needless to say I put her in neutral immediately....and hollered to my son that he would have to stop her at the dock as I didn't have a reverse....luckily, I was only going less than 2 he was able to stop her. I then got out some lines and we tied her up. And began the phone calls to find a diver...because obviously I had picked up something on my prop...even though hanging over the swim platform I couldn't see a thing in that murky water. Well, Mom & Dad called me on the VHF...they were taking a detour through Commencement Bay and decided to come on over to join in the fun! So they pulled into the marina, and side-tied to me for an hour until they got bored and decided to head out to find some more excitement...meanwhile I was still trying to track down a diver. Then Jeremy showed up with a dock-mate who would loan him a dry Jeremy went under Spirit to discover that I had picked up a 3 1/2 inch line, about 5 feet long...obviously from a tug. It had evidently been floating just under the surface and I snagged it on the strut... and it didn't try to wrap the prop until I tried to dock. I have saved it for a trophy...that sucker weighs nearly 20 lbs!
    So we went on to Des Moines...and a good thing I had crew....I have never, ever docked in such a tight, close, itty-bitty place in my life! LOL Spirits beam is 12 1/2 feet...the slip is 14 feet...the fairway is 49 feet wide, Spirit with dink on davits is 45 feet long...just trying to turn into that slip was a kick! :>) You should have seen us hand-walk her out and spin her around so I could leave today!
    Anyway, they replaced the clutch plate and I waited an extra day and had a diver check out my prop, strut etc. for damage this morning...everything is good!
    Left Des Moines today on a minus tide...not a good plan...I squeaked out of the entrance with a whole 1.2 feet under my keel for an entire boat about a heart attack! When it climbed to 2 feet, then 2 1/2 I decided things were actually going to start going my way! I had conned a friend of mine who lives on that side to help me bring Spirit to Port Orchard from Des Moines as I was going to be putting her on the outside breakwater of the Port Orchard Yacht Club...and if the wind was up at all I knew there was no way I could dock her alone...and that was good planning on my part as the wind was howling by the time we made Port Orchard Yacht Club....he proved he was well worth inviting! So I am in Port Orchard for the next 10 days finishing up some business, installing the StrongTrack system and provisioning. You all take care and I will "see" you in October!


May 28, 2004  Wow! Finally Cliff and I, along with Buddy, Danny and DC are on our way. We never thought we would get away from the Port Orchard Yacht Club. It was craziness there! Everybody trying to leave and 35 boats from another club trying to come in. Left at 1:00 PM…in an absolute downpour with no wind and only 60 degrees F! Made it all the way to Illahee (45 minutes away) and caught a mooring buoy to settle in and finish stowing everything. Mom and Dad called, they arrived in Port Orchard at 3:00 PM and are planning on leaving tomorrow morning for Winslow. Made coffee and unpacked and stowed. Weather keeps clearing through the afternoon, then rain, then clear. Watched 6 Bald Eagles on the beach, 4 immature, 2 mature. Couldn’t tell if the mature pair were fighting or mating or both! But what ever they were doing sure kept the attention of the young ones. Cliff tried feeding some visiting Canadian geese dog food…they turned up their bills at it.

May 29, 2004  Danny is using the kitty-box! YES!!! That solves a problem…old dog on diuretic on boat…just picture it! DC doesn't seem to mind sharing it. Left mooring at 10:30 AM, cloudy but no wind. Arrived in Eagle Harbor (Winslow, Bainbridge Island) at 12:30 and rafted up to BJ & Trish. Mom and Dad came in right behind us, we had seen them behind us since we entered Rich Passage. Raft-up consists of Nelle, Dunrushn, Bob & Dianna (White Swan) and Anthem. Shane and Kendra are with BJ & Trish. Had a Pot-luck on Spirit…. Gourmet foods as usual! Gotta love this family!

May 30, 2004  Jeremy & Monica arrived by car, Shane and Kendra left. Rich from "Narrow Path" helped me finish installing the last batton and batcar for the new Strongtrack. Had a race with White Swan, Nelle and Narrow Path. What fun! Clear skies and warm…Wind was blowing 12-15 with some good gusts.…Monica got over her fear and had a great time, even though she got soaking wet. When we got back to Eagle Harbor wind was still blowing and we attempted to raft back up. It was basically a cluster f*%#! Dad started to drag anchor with Spirit rafted to him. After numerous attempts we decided to all anchor separately. Of course, shortly after we all anchored the wind died down. Discovered my cell phone was missing, searched all over for it, including on Nelle. Couldn’t find it anywhere, figure it is on the bottom. Then we all into the dinks and off to the restaurant for dinner at Doc’s. Excellent! Mom and Dad were the first to leave, and when they got back to Dunrushn they found her in a different place! Jeremy and Monica headed home, BJ, Trish, Aaron, Julie, Bob, Dianna and Rich all went to see Shrek 2. The rest of us went to bed.

May 31, 2004 Spent the morning buying a new cell phone. Then headed out for Langley (Whidbey Island) with Mom and Dad on Dunrushn…no wind, motored the entire way. Found out that Spirit and Dunrushn motor at the same speed…very handy! Mom and Dad went into the marina, we anchored out. Ben the harbormaster told Mom and Dad we were cheap sailors! Evidently Ben is not well…heart problems? When dropping the Bruce the chain jumped off of the roller. Had just reversed the anchors, maybe it doesn’t work as well this way? But I don’t like using the Delta as the primary. While I was still running out chain a sailboat called "Will O' Wind practically ran over my bow...pretty darned stupid, not to mention rude! I could practically reach out and touch him...more like a bayliner driver! LOL DC is VERY happy to be at anchor and away from the commotion of the raft-up.  So are Cliff and I. After our showers ashore we had hot cocoa with Mom and Dad.

June 1, 2004  Partly Cloudy, no wind. Picked up anchor at 10 AM…chain clogged the hawse pipe…had 190’ out. Then the Bruce jumped off the roller as it came up, took a little chunk out of the gel coat on the bow. HARD to lift that damned anchor and chain back onto the roller, I about killed myself! This is going to be an issue! Cliff drove all wind at all. Arrived Hope Island (Skagit Bay) and rafted with Mom & Dad on a buoy. Great weather, good view. We all went to the beach with the dogs…not much beach left as tide was coming in. Mom & Dad didn't tie up their dink and almost lost it when the tide came in!

June 2, 2004 Mom and I were antsy so we left WAY early for Deception Pass…ended up bobbing around Coronet Bay waiting for the slack. But it was fun. Uneventful going through…a good thing! Beautiful though. No wind and totally flat crossing Rosario Strait. We were heading for Lopez Pass into Lopez Sound. Dad kept trying to take the wrong heading! We called him on the VHF, and he argued a we just gave up. Cliff and I got a kick out of it later when he made a very large course change. Just as we entered Lopez Sound a USCG Hectoflopper buzzed both of us several times, obviously getting photos and identification. Caught a mooring buoy on the South side of Spencer Spit (Lopez Island)…rafting together. Gorgeous Full Moon rising. Having extreme low tides now… -3.5’ Big meteor/space junk flaming through the sky at 2 AM.

June 3, 2004 Clear and Gorgeous. Mom and Dad headed to Friday Harbor. Wind! Finally we get to sail! Sailed from Frost Island to just past Upright Head (Lopez Island) with 7 knots of wind. A nice little sail! Lost the wind and then motored through Wasp Passage. Dodged huge logs. Raised the sail again just outside of Wasp in San Juan Channel. Drift-sailed for 2 hours, then motored from the south end of Jones Island to Reid Harbor, Stuart Island. Cliff almost got wet getting into the kayak; he gave quite a show to the anchorage! We saw a huge group of otter, 10-12 of them, and followed them along the shoreline as they fished and played. HUFF-HUFF! The noise they made! HISS…just BIG water-rats! When I took the dogs ashore at the park dock I met some men from Wisconsin who had just arrived on their first day of charter from Anacortes. They tied up to the dock; I suggested to them that they move to a buoy or anchor out because of the extreme low tides. They basically told me they knew all about tides and were rather rude…kinda like, a GIRL telling us?? They didn’t move. Wonder if they are going to head out early am? Hope so. Cliff and & are finally feeling like we are on vacation.

June 4, 2004  Housekeeping Day at Stuart Island. Spent the morning cleaning, scrubbed out the dink as well. Clear and warm, but supposed to rain tomorrow. Wisconsin guys didn’t leave and now they can’t! I TOLD them! I went over in the dink and took some pictures. They said "yeah, yeah, we know…you don’t need to tell us I told you so" I told them I wasn’t going to…but I was for sure going to send the pictures into Latts & Atts! They about died! Evidently they all get the magazine! We filled the water jugs…Stuart’s well is now chlorinated. Don’t know if we will be able to drink it.

June 5, 2004  Rained during the night, but clear by morning. Motored to Roche Harbor, (San Juan Island) and got a slip. Found out that they don’t charge for overall length, so we were only charged for 41 feet! It is so crowded. I really really dislike marinas! There is an Ocean Alexander rendezvous going on...LOUD! Had our showers, did some laundry, filled the water tanks and grocery shopping. Fish & Chips at Limekiln Grill are pretty good! Had dinner at the restaurant at the hotel…excellent! Found out Ronald Regan died today during the lowering of the colors ceremony. I had seen the flag put at half-mast during the day and wondered why. Several people assumed that Buddy was a "homeland security dog!" Too funny!

June 6, 2004 Finished up the laundry this morning and then called Dad on VHF to with him happy 80th birthday. Made plans to meet up with them at Fox Cove on Sucia Island…or as Dad calls it Sushi. Left Roche and raised sails in 8 knots of wind. Very nice sail until we were totally blocked by Orcas Island mid-Waldron Island and had to start the engine. Grabbed a buoy in Fox Cove, Mom & Dad arrived just ahead of us got their own. There were warnings on the buoys, "Use at your own Risk"…odd, have never seen anything like that on park buoys before. Did somebody sue the Parks Department? Dad came back from taking Scupper ashore and told us that there was a bulletin posted that said that some buoys had failed, but that the remaining ones had been stress tested and passed. And all buoys were being replaced, starting the next day. I decided to set the anchor alarm for the night...a first while on a buoy. We watched a crow make repeated attack dives on an eagle. He kept it up for nearly an hour before the eagle moved on. Invited Mom and Dad over for Shrimp Salads for dinner...had bought the shrimp fresh in Roche Harbor. Still just us in the cove...very still. Sunset was gorgeous.

June 7, 2004  Woke to soft rain this morning, very wet and grey, but very pretty. Decided to leave Fox Cove and go to Echo Bay, hoping to watch the replacement of the mooring buoys, left about 11 AM. Mom and Dad headed for Jones Island. Dropped our hook in Echo...hardly anybody here, only a few boats. Mid Afternoon the sun came out...gorgeous! and very quiet, no wind. Mt Baker stands out so clear! Cliff & I took the dogs ashore for a long walk above Shallow Bay. Found the bench and sat and enjoyed the view. Only two boats in Shallow Bay instead of the 50 or so that would be here starting in July. Nice to be up here so early. We decided to come back to the bench at sunset. Packed wine & glasses and some cheese and headed back to the bench to watch the sunset. After we got to it we realized that Patos Island would block it from that vantage point, so we hustled on down the trail to the head of Shallow Bay, around the bay and down to the beach! Never saw Cliff hike so fast! Found a spot on the beach, leaned against a log and watched the show! Perfect...Wine & Sunset!

June 8, 2004  Still at Sucia...still no sign of parks department changing out buoys! More boats arrived, now there are nine in the bay...we have counted as many as 110 in here, so this is really nice. One boat is on the new linear moorage, I really don't like those. Woke to clear skies and no wind. About 9 AM a light fog rolled off of the Strait and cloaked us until nearly noon. After it cleared we put the lounge chairs on the foredeck, Hot and Clear!! Got some reading done and then decided to go exploring. We climbed a hill from the trail, just an overgrown skid road. I fell coming back down, feet out from under me and hit my head on a rock. I was saved by my ponytail and scrunchie...BAD headache though! And shook up.  Wind picked up early evening and by sunset it was howling! Rock and roll all night long...wind was 25-30 knots, with big rollers coming off of Rosario. Anchor held firm. Dinghy was not on davits, so we added a second line to it since there was no way we could get it on the davits. A big Bayliner (three story variety) drug into a little sailboat. Wind didn't calm down until 4:30 AM. Buddy was miserable, Danny and DC didn't care.

June 9, 2004  Got a bit of sleep from 4:30-7:30 AM...then took dogs ashore. Wind still light. Left Sucia at 11AM, with no wind and motored to Deer Harbor (Orcas Island) for fuel and water. They have Bio-diesel only. We met Mom and Dad at Blind Bay (Shaw Island) and rafted up with them on a buoy. Mom and Dad went to Blind Island and Mom fell getting out of the dink. She fell face down onto the rocks, badly cutting her palm on right hand and spraining (maybe a fracture) her left wrist. Cliff & I cleaned her up; luckily he had some topical anesthetic as it was horribly painful. She needs to have an X-ray and stitches. Dad will take her to Friday Harbor tomorrow. My neck and tummy are SORE AS HELL from my fall. Like mother like daughter I guess.

June 10, 2004 Mom & Dad left for Friday Harbor, they didn't want us to come. Winds calm, grey day and COLD. Took the dink over to Orcas Landing (Orcas Island) and caught the bus to Olga to go to the Artists Co-op...very disappointing! Not much there. But had great conversation with bus driver about philosophy...he is well read! A young island boy, 9th grade hopped on the bus and joined right in the conversation...bright boy, misdirected by Earth-First upbringing...but very intelligent...suggested some reading for him, he wrote down the titles.

June 11, 2004 Decided to go back to Stuart Island. Sailed the entire way! Fantastic sail...8 knots of wind, just great. Blue skies, couldn't be much better. Talked to Dad on the VHF, told him where we were headed, he said they would join us. He asked if Mom could use my oven to bake a frozen peach pie she bought...I told him sure as long as she had also bought Vanilla Ice Cream. He said no she didn't, so I said, ok, she can use it anyway. Then I said the usual: "Spirit of Freedom standing by on 16". As soon as I got back to ch 16 I heard: "Navy Vessel # (didn't get the numbers!) calling Spirit of Freedom". I answered back: "This is Spirit of Freedom...please repeat?" The man's voice said: "This is U.S. Navy Vessel # so & so (still didn't get the #!) please go to channel 13". So I switched to 13 wondering what the hell I had done...maybe run over a submarine??? and said "This is Spirit of Freedom on 13". And the man's voice said: "This is the U.S. Navy vessel #...., We understand you are going to be baking peach pie...we have 14 gallons of Vanilla Ice Cream on board. Can we rendezvous? What is your location?" It was so funny! I am sure that boy didn't have an officer on deck with him at the time!! I gave him my location, and he said "Mam'm we are in Bellingham Channel heading south; unfortunately both of us will have to do without unless you can change your destination." I replied "My momma is expecting to meet me, and you know we can't disappoint our mothers, so it looks like we will have to plan on another day. Spirit of Freedom standing by on 16" And a sad voice answered, "I agree mam'm, have a good day." Cliff and I were laughing so hard!  We continued under sail right to the entrance of Reid Harbor when the wind died and the current tried to set us on the rocks...started the engine quickly!!! and pulled away. After anchoring I went below to use the head and realized I had not closed the through-hull under the sink and the head was flooded. Oh-oh...clean up time. All that way on one tack and it would have to be a port tack! Mom and Dad arrived later with Mom all stitched up and in a sling. No breaks, just a bad sprain and possible tendon tear. They went to the floating dock. Turns out they heard the entire conversation with the Navy boat!

June 13, 2004 Time to leave Reid Harbor, Cliff flies out of Friday Harbor tomorrow. His vacation is over and I am SAD!! Mom & Dad went into Jones Island, they found a place at the dock. We sailed under headsail only to Friday Harbor. Anchored at South end of harbor...poured down rain while anchoring, 60' deep, too close to other boats and not a good set...wind is really starting to blow. Moved to North end by UW labs, got a good solid set in 60'...but the damned Bruce jumped off the roller again when powering down. I am going to have to drop by hand until it is well off of the roller. AWK! Another ding in the gel coat. Wind blew steady until dark.

June 14, 2004 Clear and warm. Went into the marina and sent out my laundry. Les & Lynn (PacNW list off of Trumpeter) came by for a visit and invited Tami & I over later, along with Mom & Dad. Cliff flew out at 3PM (sad) and Tami & Alex arrived on the 4:20 PM ferry (happy!). We went to Les's for wine and cheese...lovely condo, great view wonderful people. Mom & Dad didn't make it. We watched sailboats racing through the harbor from their condo. Tami, Alex and I went to dinner. Then grocery shopping.

June 15, 2004 Clear & Warm in Friday Harbor. Ran errands, went to West Marine and picked up laundry. Dad is feeling dizzy so they are going to stay put. Tami, Alex & I left at 1 PM, raised sails heading N up San Juan Channel into 8 knots. Changed our mind and headed downwind just off of Yellow Island, Sailed to mid Upright Channel when the wind died. While drifting we met SKOOKUM, Bob & Ellie motoring towards us. Yelled across to them and chatted a bit. Then tried to raise them on the VHF, no luck. Wind now completely dead. Motored out of Channel, raised sails again in light wind and headed to Spencer Spit on Lopez Island with Alex at the helm. Caught a buoy on the north side.

June 16, 2004 Opening Day of Crabbing!!! Clear and HOT at Spencer Spit. Dropped both crab pots at 7:30 AM and limited on first pull on first trap two hours later. Pulled second trap and realized that I had left the doors wired open...but it was ok...we had our crab. We cooked and feasted on crab for brunch. Mom & Dad showed up and dropped a trap and caught a buoy. We gave them some shelled crab. Alex and Tami went ashore to walk to Lopez Village. I napped, washed my hair and relaxed. Mom and Dad left for Friday Harbor as Dad was still a bit dizzy. In bed and asleep by 8:30 PM...POOPED and full of crab! Still have some very sore tummy muscles from my fall, weird I would have thought it would be better by now.

June 17, 2004 Clear and hot today, high of 87F. Woke up @ 7:30 AM when BJ called. Took dogs ashore while Tami started breakfast. She burnt the sausage so bad the smoke alarm went off and the boat was full of smoke! Left Spencer Spit to sail up to East Sound. When wind was 15-20 knots on the nose and the rail was in the water we decided that it was no we turned around and had a lovely downwind sail, and then headed through Harney Channel. We short-tacked through the Channel in light to gusty winds. The Shaw Island Ferry waited for us to do two tacks before he left the dock...we waved thank you to him! Sailed into West Sound and anchored NE of Skull Island. Took Buddy and Alex ashore to Island. Buddy went swimming to cool off...very, very hot. Watched a movie tonight "The Bear." Good holding, but windy all afternoon, out of the east, dropping over Orcas.  Late in the afternoon another boat joined us in the anchorage, going closer to the north shore off of Orcas...looked like they had a little less wind there. Lightening storm over Everett way far away.

June 18, 2004 Skull Island, Clear Hot and windy in the AM. Went ashore and met a man digging clams with his two young son's. He is an able-seaman off of the inter-island ferry. He commented on the Capt waiting for us to tack behind him yesterday. I told him I thought it was really nice of the Captain! He told me that the Capt saw us, and said, "they are having such a nice sail...I am going to get more coffee...don't touch anything until I get back." So while we finished passing by the ferry dock, the Capt got his coffee! Nifty! The man is also care-taker and the UW Labs at Friday Harbor, where his wife is a marine biologist. He invited us to tour it some time. We left for Friday Harbor mid-day. as Tami has to go back. The wind died just as we got underway, the barometer started to drop and we saw huge black clouds and a totally dark sky heading west from Bellingham. Motored into Friday Harbor, 15 minutes before the storm passed just north of us. Winds were about 25knots in Friday Harbor. It lasted all of 45 minutes! I hope Mom and Dad are tucked away safe somewhere as they left Friday Harbor. I think they headed for Stuart Island. Heard rumors on the dock tonight that Stuart Island, Roche and Garrison were hit hard as the storm passed right over them. A 55' power boat came into Friday Harbor this evening and he said that he tried to get through Sentinel Channel, but the winds were at 45knots and he almost broached...hmmm, was he telling a story? Tami and Alex washed Spirit. Tami and I had dinner at Thai Restaurant and drinks at the Ale House, Alex stayed behind on the boat.

June 19, 2004 Clear and sign of yesterdays stormy weather. Tami went home to new job, leaving Alex as crew. And he is awesome crew...a great kid. Craig, Cathy and Will arrived. We had ice cream on the way to the boat from the ferry and left the dock at 1 PM. Wind was out of the south at 7 knots...perfect for a sail to Reid Harbor (Stuart Island) to meet Mom and Dad. Raised the sails, put Craig at the helm and within 45 minutes the wind was gone. Arrived Stuart Island under power and caught a mooring buoy. Mom and Dad were at the floating dock with Dale and Debbie and their grandkids! What a nice surprise!! Had a fun visit and ate lots of crab. Dad said when the storm hit them they had winds of 50knots and that his mooring lines stretched to where he was nearly 6 feet off of the dock! He said he didn't realize lines could stretch that much. The Ranger said that Garrison Bay (San Juan Island) was hit with a gust of just over 60knots and Roche was sustained at 50 knots. WOW!

June 20, 2004 Mom and Dad took Craig and Cathy back to Friday Harbor in Dunrushn. Will, Alex, Buddy and I hiked from Prevost Harbor on the NW side of the Island. It was hot!! The boys took off on their own, I picked them up later at the kayak camp in the dink. Then back to Spirit where they swam off of the boat. Alex actually jumped off without a lifejacket! YES!!! They were both blue and shaking but had a great time. Mom and Dad arrived back to the floating dock. The boys and I hiked to the school where they played basketball. I bought each of them glow-in-the-dark shirts.

June 21, 2004 Still at Stuart Island. Will was up most of the night (and so was I!) with an earache. Must have gotten water in it from swimming. He finally fell asleep after a second dose of Tylenol; he felt better this morning. We hiked to Turn Point Lighthouse. A baby deer came right up to Alex while he was making "music" with a stick on the metal railing and the boardwalk. The deer must have really liked the noise! Saw a huge container ship go by. On the way back we stopped at the school and the boys played Basketball again. We met the Benson family of T-shirt fame on the hike out...they are really nice, good visit. Back to boat launch and called Grandaddy to pick us up. Then another crab feed on the dock with Gramma and Granddaddy. Right after eating Will got sick and began to throw up. Was it bad crab? Figured not as I had shared one with him and I wasn't sick. Maybe too much sun. Will threw up all night long...very sick. Running a low grade fever as well.

June 22, 2004 Will still sick, staying here for the day.

June 23, 2004 Will sick all night, but seems to be a bit better. Heading for Deer Harbor on Orcas Island. Doctors there...also was where we were planning on going so Will could go to his skate park. He slept the entire way there...motored. Mom and Dad came with us. Will woke up when we arrived, felt better. Said he was fine. Had showers and I went to pick up a rental car. Will feeling MUCH better by afternoon. Took a ride to Mount Constitution. Gorgeous view! Went to dinner at a Caribbean restaurant in Eastsound. Food was good but VERY spicy.

June 24, 2004 Will feeling better, but still definitely not up to par. He tried skateboarding at the park...but quit in 10 minutes. Poor guy! We toured the island with Gramma and Grandaddy...down memory lane, visiting places visited years ago. Had lunch at the Olga Cafe on the water...FANTASTIC food! They turned the old gas station into a restaurant. Talked to a local about the anchorage, he said it was good holding. Will have to come back in the boat some time. Will ill again, sick throughout the night.

June 25, 2004 Alex is to head for home tomorrow from Roche Harbor via Kenmore Air. So we headed out for Garrison Bay for the day and night. Will slept the entire way again and didn't wake up until long after we anchored and Gramma and Grandaddy rafted up with us. He is sick again, obviously it is the flu. I am worried that Alex might get it...he is leaving and flying out to Stanford University for three weeks for a special program. Alex is stressing about that, very worried and convinced he is going to be miserable and homesick. Poor guy!! He is going to love it, but you can't tell him that. Will finally woke up in time to have some chicken soup and go back to sleep.

June 26, 2004 Will and I took Alex, along with our laundry to Roche Harbor. Will feeling better. We did laundry and saw Alex off. Poor guy was really stressed! Will and I headed back in the dink to Garrison Bay, dropped off the laundry, picked up Buddy and went to English Camp to explore a bit. Will still not up to par, but in need of some exercise. Had a nice little walk, then back to the boat. Will fell asleep again. He is still not well! I am not feeling well either. Am I coming down sick? Hope Mom and Dad don't.

June 27, 2004 I am not feeling well, and Will is still not all better. I am supposed to take him home in three days, but I think I am coming down with the flu and am going to go home with Will early. Would much rather be sick there, instead of on the boat and having to run the dog ashore! Called Roche Harbor, Puget Sound Express and made arrangements. Will and I put into Roche Harbor Marina at 11AM and are getting ready to catch the bus to Friday Harbor, then the Puget Sound Express to Port Townsend where Cliff will pick us up. Mom and Dad are stocking up on soup and crackers and heading to Stuart Island in case they come down ill. Leaving DC onboard, expect to be back in 4 days. Mom & Dad will check on her. I feel sorry for DC.

July 1, 2004 Back to boat with Cliff! Mom and Dad met us in Friday Harbor when we came in on the Puget Sound Express and gave us a ride back to Roche. Nice trip! DC is soooo glad to see us! Good thing I went home as I got quite sick. Luckily Mom and Dad never got it!

July 2, 2004 We have to be back here in Roche July 4 for the FYC Raft-up...where to go until then? I wanted to show Cliff Skull Island, Mom and Dad followed us. Bob & Ellie raised us on the VHF and they arranged to rendezvous there as well. Wind was blowing at Skull Island and nobody wanted to stay we headed for Blind Bay (Shaw Island) and anchored there at the SW corner. While underway there we were hailed by Jeremy and Monica who had just crossed the Straits and were on their way to Blind Bay! Coming out of West Sound we passed Kalliopi and White Swan (Bob & Dianna) who had also just crossed the straits. The FYC was arriving in the San Juan's on schedule! Jeremy and Monica came into Blind Bay just after us....then the bay started filling up. By dark I counted 30 boats.

July 4, 2004 Cliff and I, along with Jeremy and Monica left Blind Bay around 9 AM to head for Roche Harbor. Bob & Ellie still asleep; Mom and Dad took off for Friday Harbor last night. Dead calm motor all the way to Roche. Rafted up with BJ on one side, Jeremy on the other. Also in the raft up: Bob & Dianna on White Swan; Wes & Ann on Daily Planet; Mom & Dad on Dunrushn; Andy & wife, with his brother & his wife on Kalliope; and Rich & girlfriend on Narrow Path. Bob & Ellie on Skookum were the last to arrive. We were the largest raft-up in the harbor...nine boats! Had a great day, the wind was brisk so the guys were all busy sailing the dinks...kites flying off the back of the raft-up. A lot of fun. Fireworks were enjoyed sitting on the flying bridge of Dunrushn and the top deck of Skookum. Fireworks were not all that good...but hey, as Bob said, Even bad fireworks are great! Cliff stayed up til the wee hours talking philosophy with Andy...

July 5, 2004 Cliff and I headed out and cleared customs in Bedwell in. Then on to Galliano Island, Montague Harbor, where we anchored. Motored the whole wind.

July 6, 2004  Galliano Island, Montague Harbor. Lots of entertainment today. Watched a sailboat skipper drive her boat hard aground on a falling tide. Went over to help them. Lin & Larry Pardy showed up in their rowboat, and took out the anchor I handed them. I kidded Larry and asked if he was a good rower...Lin insisted that he was the best in the world and got all pissy and huffy about me teasing him! He needed to be, there was lots of wind and waves. Watched the boat all day...wind was up and if it was still up when the tide came back it would have beat it to death on the reef. Luckily the wind died and the boat slowly floated. And the engine even started! They were very damage what so ever. Just some water that came in as the tide came back in. While Cliff and I sat on the shade on the beach waiting, a little weasel kept coming up to us. Then Dale and Debbie showed up! Had a nice visit with them on the beach. They had anchored just behind us! Lin and Larry are off to the other side. The woman who went aground asked me to thank them if I saw them later as she had not had an opportunity. She didn't know who they were, just wanted to make sure that they knew she appreciated the help.

July 7, 2004 We rented mopeds to tour the island. Had a blast, but the danged mopeds kept dying on us. We drove out to Active Pass...very rough dirt road. Great view! Then on around the Island...had lunch at the Hummingbird then headed to the north end of the Island. Stopped at a Pottery Studio and then could not get either moped to start. We tried and tried for over an hour. Called the shop and didn't get answer, just left messages. Finally we left the mopeds and hitchhiked back to the marina. I told the girl what happened and she said: "Why didn't you call?" I told her I did, and showed her the card she gave us with the number....she had given us the wrong one. Opps. Needless to say, we didn't get charged. Still had a great time.

July 8-9, 2004 Great sail to Fulford Harbor (Salt Spring Island), except the damned sail doesn't want to come down. It is much better with the Strongtrack but still not perfect. FRUSTRATING. I want an in-boom furler! Love the marina at Fulford Harbor. Came in while ferry was at dock...what a trick! Full throttle so you can steer against the wash and alongside the dock...dockhands there to catch the lines before you are swept away. Perfect landing! I am getting very, very confident handling Spirit...about time! Sky is getting a bit cloudy. We walked to the Fulford Pub, past the house where God lives...and of course Cliff and to have his photo taken. We took our laundry with us, and did it at the pub...very convenient! Cliff got lazy and didn't want to carry the laundry back...or the beer and wine we bought so he hitchhiked! I came out of the store and found him beside a car waiting for me! The young man was very nice and laughed about it...especially since we only had a 1/2 mile walk! Spent the next day relaxing and visiting the village. It is frozen in the 1960's...rained...warm though, no wind.

July 10-11, 2004 Motored from Fulford Harbor to Todd Inlet, behind Buchart Gardens. Saw SKOOKUM on a mooring buoy off of the gardens, but they were not aboard. We went on into Todd Inlet and found a quiet spot. Just a few boats in here. Spent a lovely relaxing day kayaking and enjoyed the fireworks from the boat. Next morning, late we hopped in the dink and went to visit Bob & Ellie on Skookum...but they were gone! So we toured the harbor and headed back to Spirit for more relaxation.

July 12-13 2004 Left Todd Inlet and motored down Finlayson Arm to Goldstream. Decided not to anchor there and headed back up towards Cowichin Bay. Arrived at the fuel dock wind all day...and HOT...did I say Hot? Ugh. Fueled up and asked if they had a slip available. Was told I would have to come up to the store and find out, but that I couldn't leave the boat at the fuel dock since Cliff couldn't run her. other boats in sight...So I asked where I could leave her while I found out if there was a slip available AND grocery shop (meaning spend money in their store!) The woman hemmed and hawed and then finally "allowed" me to move the boat to the outside dock where there was about 75' of open space. She was worried about leaving Cliff there alone. Sheesh. So I moved the boat...did I say it was HOT?...and walked up the dock to the store. Found out there were no slips available...and no I couldn't leave the boat where it was while I shopped (they must not have wanted my money as they wouldn't even let me leave it for 5 more minutes!!!!) We really need kitty litter!! Getting close to desperate. But, I did as I was told and I went back to Spirit and left the dock. We checked out the possibility of anchoring because I really wanted to explore Cowichin Village, but I was horribly uncomfortable in the dismal looking anchorage AND HOT...did I say hot? So we headed over to Genoa Bay and fell in love with it! Dropped our anchor and thought we were in heaven! Went into the marina by dink and were treated like visiting royalty. The restaurant there is incredible...absolutely the best food we have had ANYWHERE...the showers warm and the laundry cheap. They even told us where to take Buddy to a big field so he could run...and we could get there by dink! Just wonderful!

July 14-15, 2004 We finally drug ourselves away from Genoa Bay, raising the anchor and saying goodbye! Sniff-sniff. Such a pretty place. We headed to Maple Bay, specifically Birdseye Cove and dropped our anchor. Again a motoring day. No wind until we hit Maple Bay. Tight anchorage, but good holding. We have been using the Kiwi Anchor Rider, which works well...except it is a bit of a pain to deploy and haul up. Definitely a two person job, and one of those persons should be in the dink! Dropped the dink in the water and headed back up Maple Bay to the on-the-water Pub...this trip is turning into a Pub crawl for us! Had a lovely lunch with beer and then headed to the public dock to walk to the grocery store where hopefully they would have kitty litter and bread. The building still has GROCERIES painted on it's roof, visible from the water...but now it is a gourmet bakery and deli...which was fine, but they didn't have kitty litter! Got back to Birdseye Cove and went into the marina complex there. Where there is a gift shop, chandlery, grocery store, and lots of other shops. NO KITTY LITTER. But...they said they might be able to get me some by tomorrow. YES! (It is Getting VERY desperate now!) Tomorrow arrives and we have KITTY LITTER!!! YEAH!!! We also wave goodbye to the ATREIVDA (the bakery boat) which is heading out for Montague. She tells me now...that had I come over last night to visit her I would have had fresh cinnamon rolls! grrrr! Had great fun watching the local sailing school...all kids...practice swamping and the turtling their sailing dinks and then righting some really good pictures! Come mid-day we drop the kayaks in the water and spend a pleasant 4 hours explore the head of Birdseye Cove, visiting up close with herons and geese...lovely, lovely day.

July 16, 2004 We figure we better pull up our anchor if we are ever going to finish our circumnavigation of Salt Spring is so easy to stay in one place! Headed north under power (no wind again!!!) and peeked into Vesuvius Bay (there is a Pub there) at the tiny anchorage and then continued on up to Telegraph Harbor on Thetis Island. Passed some gorgeous scenery, including eagles perched on markers and a cormorant rookery. Got to Telegraph Harbor and it is packed with permanently moored room to anchor. We didn't want to go into the marina (it was empty) and since the weather was settled we anchored at the opening of the to the southerlies if they were to pick up. But it was predicted to remain calm. Hopped in the dink and toured the area, going through the "Cut" and discovered the gorgeous bay on the other side. We will have to go there sometime...just lovely. Exposed to the North, but lovely. Went to the Pub at the marina (this is definitely getting to be a habit) and had a lovely dinner, relaxing over our books and reading while we ate. I think the waitress was a bit impatient with us...but we were outside, and there were not exactly an over abundance of guests waiting for our table! The place was pretty dead. Then she screwed up our order...but the beer was cold and the burgers excellent, so we were happy. Back to the boat for a nice nights sleep.

July 17-19 2004 We left Telegraph Harbor late AM and headed to James Bay on Prevost Island. Again a motor boat wind except for a few minutes when it rippled the water a bit and even Cliff asked if I wanted to sail. But since I was taking a nap I said no...that HE could. He continued to motor while I slept. He woke me up just off of Prevost Island. We entered the bay, and found two little boats anchored right where we wanted to we settled off behind them in about 45 feet of water. It is a lovely anchorage, with a reef right up the middle. Gorgeous, but exposed to the north completely. But a great view! And a marvelous beach with lots of places to hike. We were entertained by naked sailors sailing up to drop their anchor...a man and a woman. They entertained us with skinny dipping and showers on deck, followed by lots of stretching on the foredeck. Good thing there was a man AND a woman other wise one of us would have been bored! A young man sailed into the bay in an 8 foot dinghy. He had left Sidney two days before and was at the start of a two month voyage...not sure where he was going to go, but he was going to do it! Also met a group of 4 men, all over 60 years, who were out for a week of these guys were not exactly in shape! But it looked like they were having fun, and they were a kick to talk to. We have decided that James Bay is definitely another "favorite" place. We saw Skookum chug on by the entrance and hailed them on the VHF. They were headed to Montague and had guests onboard. Cliff and I talked it over and decided that since he was canceling his August vacation and Tami couldn't join me as planned that we would see if Blackline Marine could install a roller furling unit for the mainsail between July 21 and August 23. I called them and they thought they could do it. We will finalize all when we arrive in Canoe Cove.

July 20, 2004 Reluctantly left James Bay and headed for Canoe Cove (Vancouver Island). Cliff has to get back to work (sad) and we have Aaron and Julies wedding to go to. We arrived at Iroquois Pass just after the low and picked our way through the rocks to the marina...whew! Cliff drove while I set up the lines and fenders...then I took over to get her to the dock. It is a bit hairy!! Shallow and rocky Right after we got tied up a Nonesuch came in to dock right behind us and promptly put herself on a rock! OUCH! Glad I missed it! Found out where the pub is and headed out for beers and lunch. Stonehouse Pub...excellent! Back to the boat and met with the rigger. While talking with him, Lin & Larry Pardy rowed by, they are two boats down. I pass on the message from the lady who went aground...Lin said she was wondering if all came out well.

July 21, 2004 I put Cliff in a taxi with Danny and DC to catch their Kenmore Air flight. I met with the rigger again, it looks as if they will be able to take care of everything...meaning the in-boom furler; rebuilding the headsail furler and trying to adapt the anchor rollers so the Bruce won't jump off; and building a mount for my stern tie reel. All before August 23. I sure hope they can do it! Because Mark and Tami have planned this vacation for a year.

July 22, 2004 Close up the boat and head for home. I will be back from time-to-time...I just hope all is done by the 23rd! Because the adventure begins again then...

August 23, 2004 Mark and Tami met me in Canoe Cove to leave on Spirit for a week...unfortunately the in-boom furling unit is not yet installed, having just arrived three days ago. It will be installed when Mark, Tami and I return after our week. The weather was OK, blustery, and a bit showery as we headed out towards Todd Inlet for our first night. Had a lovely beat up the inlet, good winds...until they died! Made it into Todd Inlet as the rains really started...the rains that didn't quite quit all week. After spending the night at Todd Inlet, with Tami and Mark exploring in the dink we headed over to Fulford Harbor on Salt Spring Island...figuring that if it was going to rain and no wind, then we better go somewhere where we could play tourist. And funky Fulford Harbor is just the place. Had a bit of a the rainy fog...visibility was almost nil...getting to the point of needing radar when Mark decided to take a tumble down the companionway. He hit his knee with an audible CRACK! leading Tami and me...and HIM...thinking he might have something broken. The sweat on his brow kind of testified to that! Putting Spirit on auto, I dug out an icepack while Tami maintained watch. Then she and I changed positions...her holding the ice on Mark while I sailed on. As soon as Mark was able to hold the ice himself, Tami came topside to man the helm while I dropped the sails. THIS is where the new furling system would have come in handy. Instead I fought the sail down, while Tami manned the helm and kept us into the wind as auto was not cooperating. (Bless her heart...she remained calm...broken husband and not knowing how to helm and all She can be with me in any disaster!) As soon as we got the sails down and back on course, Tami went back below with Mark. And believe it or not...he was fine! Evidently he hit his "funny bone" or something...he said it hurt like hell to start with (the varnish was removed from the teak where he hit) then after icing, it went away. So lucky!!! Anyway, we made it into Fulford Harbor without further ado...motoring in the rest of the way...the wind had died by then anyway, but the rain only intensified. Passed another Sceptre along the way, but didn't catch the name.

We had a marvelous time at Fulford Harbor...touring the village and visiting the shops. Buying handmade baskets and hats. Our baskets attracted quite a bit of attention and three other people went to the same shop to purchase some for themselves! The Organic Bakery...awwww bliss! We had the most incredible grilled sandwiches there...cheeses, sundried tomatoes...they were so good that after we had them for brunch we went back two hours later and had the same thing for lunch! We ended up spending two nights at Fulford...walking along the shoreline to the little park across from the village...walking through the village...just really enjoying ourselves while we were waiting for wind to show up and the rain to go away.

The wind never we decided to motor to Sansum Narrows and begin a circumnavigation of Salt Spring Island. After leaving Maple Bay at our stern, the wind began to come up, we raised the sails and began a very slow sail in extremely light air. We ended up going north of Thetis Island, having to drop our sail and start the motor right at the north end of the island...then motored around and headed back south to Clam Bay. We dropped our hook in Clam Bay and Mark and Tami took off for a dink tour, going all around Clam bay and finally heading through the Cut to Telegraph Harbor. That evening a man from another sailboat came over in his dink to look at Spirit's swim platform...he wanted to copy it.

The next morning we left Clam Bay in no air and misty conditions...passing another Sceptre on her way name on the boat... soon the wind rose to about 6 knots and the mist turned into honest-to-goodness rain. We raised the sails and sailed upwind against the current in light air to Montegue...taking most of the day to do it.

When we reached Montegue Harbor on Galliano Island  we dropped anchor. Taking the dinghy ashore we checked on the Humming Bird Pub bus schedule and made our plans to go there for dinner. Back on the boat, we were visited by the Canada Customs boat....lots of questions. Strange too...we were the only boat they stopped at...A short while after that a couple motored up to us in their inflatable and said "what an UGLY boat you have!" Turns out they were on one of the two other Sceptres anchored out across from us. We had a short visit, they wanting to know if we were going to the Sceptre Rendezvous that weekend in Telegraph Harbor...really urging us to show up. So THATS the reason all the Sceptre's are in the area! Maybe next year. It was time to get to the pub bus...and actually getting a little late so we scrambled into the dink and took off and made it to the bus stop right on time! And waited and waited and waited. Finally I walked back to the marina to check and see if the bus had broken down (not an unusual occurrence!) I stopped by the bulletin board on the way to the phone and double-checked the schedule. It seems Tami read it wrong, and we had an hour more to wait. Oh well! So we walked down to the park...I had never walked the road that way before. We finally made it on the bus and Tami and Mark had the full experience of the Hummingbird Pub Bus and dinner at the Pub. A great time as usual!

We left Montegue Harbor and headed for Canoe Cove...having to motor the entire way...but at least the sun finally came the END of Tami's first cruise! When we reached the marina we found that a transient boat was in my slip...forcing me to turn around in a very tight space in very shallow water with lots of rocks! grrrrr! So we tied up at the customs dock (that took two tries thank you current and wind!) until things got sorted out and I was able to get into my slip...not an easy one to get into in the best of conditions!

Clean up the boat, unload and kiss and hug Mark and Tami goodbye and hop in my truck and get myself to Victoria in time to catch the last ferry home! Spirit stayed at Canoe Cove and get her new in-boom furler installed.

Gunkhole Adventure 2004, part two

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