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Spirit of Freedom's Gunkhole Adventure 2006
Part Five

    My nephew Will flew in on July 22 to Prideaux Haven to join me for a week. We had a blast! It was HOT, HOT, HOT! So we swam, he snorkeled and we toured around in the dink. Not a lot of sailing, only one day really...and then we had more than enough wind! It really howled that day! We spent quite a bit of time at Prideaux Haven, just swimming exploring, then to Squirrel Cove to buy some supplies. Except it was way too windy to dink to the store, so we had to wait a day for that! We ate at the restaurant at Squirrel Cove, it was excellent! Then we went on to Grace Harbor where we anchored and then spent a couple of days touring the inlet in the dink and exploring the shoreline and hiking up to the lake. After a wonderful week we ended up back at Prideaux Haven for Will to fly home. It was a short week! We heard clams and oysters squirting and squeaking so loud on one beach it sounded like they were singing...and one night we heard a wolf howl!

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