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Spirit of Freedom's Gunkhole Adventure 2005, Continued....

Photo Gallery 2

Unique Boathouse....

This boathouse, alongside the dock for the Pub in Maple Bay is probably one of the most interesting we have ever seen! What happens when it gets bumpy out??

Artist at work

This young man spent two days painting a new mural on the wall of the Eco-Center at Montegue.

Have Beer...

Taking a break...that boy really put his heart into that mural! A friendly boater donated the beer.

Finishing Touches

At last! Nearly done!

Worlds Smallest Working Tug

This little teeny itsy-bitsy tugboat was actually WORKING in Birdseye Cove, Maple Bay! We don't quite know what he was working AT...but he was working!


At the head of Cowichan Bay

And more swans...

This is the closest we were comfortable in getting to the swans...the water was very deep...UNTIL you found the shelf! And the wind was blowing us to we hung off and got as good of pictures as we could!

Mt. Baker

If anybody can tell me WHERE this picture of Mt. Baker was taken from...please let me know! I cannot figure out where I took it from!

Sidney Spit

Sidney Spit at sunset

And again...

another picture from Sidney Spit at sunset

My favorite trees...

Madrona, or Arbutis as they are called in Canada are my favorite tree...and the sunset reflecting off of this one really caught my eye!


This is one of the Canadian Naval Cadet training boats, there are several that ply the waters of the Gulf Islands during the summer months.

Pretty pretty

I saw this boat frequently in the Gulf Islands during the summer of 2005

Young Heron

This young guy was a very brave resident of Canoe Cove Marina on Vancouver Island.



Leaving Roche Harbor, heading for Bedwell to check in to Canada we saw several Orcas, traveling very fast heading south to the Strait of Jaun de Fuca.

More Orcas

Turn Point

This is Turn Point Light House on Stuart Island...the "last outpost" before crossing into Canada


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