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Spirit of Freedom's Gunkhole Adventure 2005, Continued....

The sad story of the vessel ROVER                        Jump to Schooner Races

This series of photos were taken in July at Genoa Bay, BC while I (Pamela) was onboard DunRushn while Spirit was in for repairs. I spoke with the owner of the vessel in the photos when I took the pictures. The vessel is the ROVER...formerly powered by steam...she was the boat that carried the Totem Poles from Bella-Bella to Vancouver...the ones on display in Stanley Park. The owner, an obvious water-rat...(affectionate term...don't get upset!) had purchased the Rover with, as he put it...his life savings. He was a former naval officer from the British Navy...that is his story and he stuck to it! Anyway, he purchased the Rover to return her to her previous glory. She was moored at the docks of Genoa Bay Marina when he purchased a near derelict. He was "forced" to move her from the docks ( he was way behind in moorage payments) and set sail heading to Nanaimo.

He made it about 200' off of the docks when a plank sprung...then another...another...and another. As she was sinking, he ran her up onto the beach as far as he could on the shore opposite the marina, still in Genoa Bay...but he didn't get too far up the beach as it was high-tide. When we arrived in Genoa Bay he was living on the beach and was trying to salvage what he could off of the boat...spreading things on the beach to dry. He told me all he owned was aboard, he showed me her soggy log book dating back to her launch, showed me the entries telling about the totem poles. He was trying to raise funds to "save" and restore ROVER. When Cliff and I visited Genoa Bay in late September he was still living on the beach, surrounded by the same salvaged items, but the ROVER was gone. After complaints to the Canadian Coast Guard a salvage company from Nanaimo re-floated the ROVER and took her to Nanaimo. The man was unable to tell me what the plans were for her. We left...and he was still living on the beach...surrounded by piles of salvaged "stuff" living off of oysters and donated beer and begging for a newspaper so he could "catch up". A sad story.

Photos from the Schooner Races sponsored by the Martha Foundation. These photos were taken on the leg of the race that began outside of Montegue Harbor...heading north up Trincomali Channel in the Gulf Islands.

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