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Spirit of Freedom's Gunkhole Adventure 2004

May 14- October 1

There are other photos from the 2004 Adventure at Memorial Day 2004 and July 4, 2004
Spirit of Freedom's Logbook tells the story around many of these photos.

Part One....                                            The adventure continues...go to part two

Fox Cove, Sucia Island

Be it Sunrise or Sunset, it is ALWAYS gorgeous at Fox Cove!

I told you so! Stuart Island, Reid Harbor

Pamela spoke to the six men from Wisconsin who chartered this boat the night before the picture was taken. She told them that they needed to move the boat. Evidently they didn't think a "girl" knew what she was talking about! She took great joy in dingying over for photos!

Again we see another grounding....

No body bothered to check the charts when they left the mooring grounds at Montegue Harbor, Galliano Island. The skipper told us that she was "certain" they were clear, having been here one other time. Quite a group collected to help them during the day.

A Knotty Problem

Glenn and Cliff practice(?) try (?) to splice(?) tie knots (?) I think they were just having a good time! Stuart Island, Reid Harbor

Stuart Island

Will standing on the rocky beach, the rocks show clearly the upheaval that basically stood the island on it's side at one point in time. Strata that should be horizontal is now nearly vertical.

PFD Testing

Alex gets ready to test the flotation of a pretty old PFD. Brrr! The waters of Reid Harbor on Stuart Island are NOT exactly warm!

Back Flip

Will shows his stuff, backflipping off of Spirit in Reid Harbor

Tandem Jump

Alex and Will doing death (well at least freeze) defying leaps!


Alex on top of Mt. Constitution, Orcas Island

On top of Mt. Constipation...

Glenn, Will and Alex. Will persisted in calling it Mt. matter how many times Alex said "It's MOUNT CONSTITUTION!"

12 year old wonders

Will on the left, still ill with the flu...Alex....little did he know he was going to come down with it in three very short days.

I'll Just End it here!

Will had been feeling pretty awful the last few days...but hopefully not THAT bad!

What a view!

Glenn & Scupper below the tower check out the gorgeous view. It was great fun identifying the islands from the tower.

Skater Will

This is Pamela's nephew Will...what more can we say? Isn't he cute??? Kiss-Kiss Will!

A truely Dingy Sailor

This young man was spending several weeks in the Gulf Islands sailing his dinghy he had hauled all the way from Manitoba.

This is the House Where God Lives...

At least that is what the guide book said...and of course Cliff needed to have his picture taken by it!

Watchful Eye

This eagle had a great perch. This was in Stuart Channel on the way to Telegraph Harbor

James Bay

We fell in love with James is definately the place for sunsets and warm water swimming.

The adventure continues...go to part two
2004 Logbook