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Spirit of Freedom's Gunkhole Adventure 2005

        July 2- September 26, 2005

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July 4, 2005 Garrison Bay, San Juan Island

Dunrushn, Shearwave, Spirit of Freedom (see her new dink!), Nelle Bly and Windlass. Aaron and Julie on Anthem left early from the fun!

(photo by Ginette)

New Dink

Cliff just dropped the dink after we got to Spencer Spit to take the dog ashore after crossing the Strait...and the rain started. But notice the nice new dink and the nice new cover?? This was going to be the virgin run of the dink. Take a good will never look this good again!

Cliff becoming hooked...

This was the summer that Cliff finally got hooked on sailing. Now he tweaks and fiddles and tries to get that "extra knot" whenever he can. Here he is enjoying an easy sail up San Juan Channel.

Is he clean?

Cliff found a new friend while visiting on Shearwave...and was pinned down by him for a command performance of petting.


Ann spent 10 days with Pamela on Spirit...her first time crewing. She was great to have aboard...only one drawback...she forced-marched Pamela and Buddy almost every day! This was at Montegue... a -3' tide. Wonderful day exploring!

Water Rat

This big guy was way too friendly and made himself at home on the dock at Montegue, surrounded by noise, people and dogs.

She had to take the helm....

Pamela was so exhausted by all the forced marches that Ann had to take the helm while Buddy and Pamela rested!

Baby Seal

I felt so bad! I had taken Buddy ashore, and didn't notice this baby when I pulled up the dink. Next thing I know Buddy is over beside him and giving the baby a face wash! The little guy wasn't frightened at all...and Buddy was very gentle. Needless to say, we got right back in the dink and went somewhere else!

Hardworking Crew

Ann spent a wonderful afternoon in the hammock...sometimes though the wake from passing boats would set her swinging well over the lifelines!

Low Tide at Bedwell

Low tide at Bedwell Harbor was so interesting! I had never been there when it was a minus was a whole new world!


Ann and I saw some of the most fascinating textures in the rock at Bedwell...who says right angles aren't found in nature!

More angles

The entire reef was covered in formations like this...right angles carved into the rock, raised edges about 1"

Spinnys in Ganges

While I (Pamela) was anchored out in Ganges Harbor, waiting for Cliff to arrive for his month aboard, the local race was going on all around me. Notice all the wind?

Windless Racing

There just wasn't much wind that night...however by noon the next day it was blowing 35! Talk about being bouncy at anchor. Cliff arrived in Ganges at 7 PM and we hauled anchor and got out of Ganges Harbor and headed to Montegue so we could get some sleep!

Approaching Nanimo

Cliff and I headed to Nanimo, through Dodd Narrows and caught this wonderful photo.


Tony on the foredeck with Ginette at the helm, leaving us in Todd Inlet after a great evening of conversation with them and another couple from their yachtclub.


Not much needs to be said, does it? Perfect anchorage, perfect comfort, wonderful wine in hand, snuggled in the hammock...what more can one want?

The evening progressed...

It was such a gorgeous evening and night Cliff was very reluctant to leave his hammock.


Cliff has always wanted to fly wing-on-wing...but Pamela was always too lazy to go forward and set the pole. But now that Cliff is sailing...well...He did it! And did it, and did it, and did it.......we sailed downwind for 4 straight days!

Little Sucia Island

Sunset view of Little Sucia from Fox Cove

Sucia Island, Fox Cove

This cliff has fallen away so much since the two years we were there last. The trail and viewpoint we used to hike out to is now on the beach.


Pamela finally gets some hammock time...of course it is a little cold out..but who cares? Bundle up and fall asleep in the sun....

(photo by Cliff)


One of the things we love about Sucia Island...and who goes there that doesn't? is the sandstone formations. These are in Shallow Bay.


Just another gorgeous sunset seen from Fox usual we were all alone.


The sunset reflecting on the sandstone cliffs...

Our Last Evening...

We spent the last evening of our 2005 Gunkhole Adventure at one of our favorite moorings. Penrose Point, Carr Inlet, South Puget Sound...very close to our home. We love the view of Mt. Rainer...who wouldn't?

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