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Thanksgiving 2004 was a quieter than normal celebration on Blake Island. Bob and Dianna on White Swan were not going to be with us this year...only in spirit as they are off on their cruise. Jeremy and Monica were unable to attend because of work schedules. Aaron and Julie, in the midst of a move into their newly purchased home, just didn't know if they could make it... butdecided at the last minute to attend. A number of factors affected auxiliary members who either normally attend or were planning to attend. Skookum, who had been excited about attending since LAST year, decided to spend the holiday with a very dear friend instead of coming to the Island...however they hoped to show up at some point over the weekend, but were unsure as to when.

Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Pamela arrived on Spirit of Freedom at the island in the morning...the only boat there. She had left Cliff off in Port Orchard to go to work that day...BJ and Tricia planning on bringing him out to the island after work. The day started out clear and calm...but the winds were building and the rains were coming. Glenn, Lorraine and Scupper arrived at Blake in the afternoon, bringing the stew meat that Pamela forgot to put in the freezer along with gusty wind...pressure cooker stew dinner coming up!

Around 8:30 PM, Nelle Bly pulled into the marina, and BJ and Tricia delivered Cliff to Pamela. They took a hot bowl of stew with them, along with some bread for dinner on the way and headed right back out for Winslow...the trip takes about an hour. Both had to get up early the next morning for work. During the night the wind and rain finally hit Blake Island with a vengeance!

Wednesday was blowing and raining...what a day! Glenn and Cliff unloaded all the firewood that was packed onboard by BJ and Tricia's dad Dan; and Cliff hauled it up to the Cabana. Pamela scrubbed and cleaned while Lorraine provided the decorations. The wind howled all night long and the rain continued to pour...gusts up to 30 knots in the marina.

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, saw the arrival of several powerboats in the morning...not the regular Trawler-Crawlers of years past though. When Nelle Bly arrived with BJ, Tricia, Tricia's parents Kathy and Dan and her brother Brett we met Jim Wood, skipper of the  Nordic Tug,  "Why Knot." He popped out to help Nelle with her lines and found out that she had an entire greeting party! It seems that Jim is an editor of Nor'westing Magazine and had heard about a "group that comes out to Blake Island for Thanksgiving every year"....well that was us! Jim and his lovely wife Barbara joined us in the Cabana later that day for an all-to-short visit (did we frighten them off?) and took a couple of pictures of our crazy family. Jim told a lovely story about growing up in Alaska...a dead kitten and a WAS a lovely tear jerker! He is quite a story teller...we need to hear more from him!

Aaron and Julie arrived around 1:00 PM...having made the last minute decision to join us at Blake. We were all glad they did! Even if they didn't deep fry a turkey this year...Dinner was wonderful as usual...roast beef, roasted game hens, a smoked turkey, wonderful side dishes and a gravy-to-die-for that Tricia made! Dessert...ah the chocolate fondue that Kathy provided...ummmmmm! And of course wonderful wine and lots of sparkling cider with the usual...can we melt-the-bottle-in-the -ire activities. We ate dinner earlier than usual because Nelle Bly had to leave the island that evening as BJ had to work the next day. So at around 8:00 PM we all said goodbye to BJ, Tricia, Kathy, Dan and Brett...and Nelle made her way home under a nearly full moon and clear skies. Lorraine had already retired...a full day of activities! Pamela was ready to crash as was Glenn. Cliff, Aaron and Julie stoked up the fire and had a great visit in the Cabana until??? Don't know...the rest of us were asleep by 9:00!

Friday dawned all pretty and with a nice wind blowing. Aaron went up the mast on Spirit to help Pamela untangle the burgee halyard which had snarled badly in the gale that came through on Tuesday night and Wednesday. After a lovely visit with Jim and Barbara...and presenting them with a FYC Burgee, Pamela and Cliff headed south. The wind was calling and they needed to be home by Sunday. On the way out of the marina, right in the fairway they met Skookum ...exchanging waves and throwing kisses, Skookum came on in and Spirit of Freedom left.

Skookum was met at the dock by Aaron and Julie...Bob and Ellie had their dear friend Libby aboard for the day's excursion to Blake. They visited with Glenn, Aaron and Julie, lunched and then headed back to Kingston to deliver Libby home. Aaron and Julie headed back to Port Orchard to work on their move. Glenn and Lorraine decided to stay on-island as BJ and Tricia were arriving back Friday night along with Wes and Ann on Daily Planet to spend the weekend. Dunrushn left the island for home Saturday afternoon leaving BJ, Tricia, Wes and Ann in charge.

Not the usual Thanksgiving at Blake Island...but a wonderful one anyway....Next year we are going to have to see if we can "break" our record and have nearly 100% attendance!

We have Dan...Tricia's thank for the photo's this year! Thanks Dan!!

The Table is Set!

Thanks to Lorraine and Glenn for the great table decorations...Including the stuffed dancing turkey who sang the "Chicken Song" and insisted that we eat chicken!

Warming Oven

Dan and Brett built a great fire for us...but we all know that fireman are all pyromaniacs...right Brett?

Fireside Conversations

BJ visited with Jim (Nor'Westing Magazine) and Barbara Wood before dinner...just before Jim regaled us with his wonderful story about the dead kitten and the freezer....It really WAS a tear-jerker!

The group

We may have had a small turnout this year, but we still had a wonderful time...hope that Tricia's parents make it out again. It was wonderful having them along.

Jim and Barbara

Jim and Barbara...we couldn't entice them to stay for dinner... they had just had a wonderful meal of thier own on their Nordic Tug "Why Knot"

Stuffed and relaxing

BJ, Tricia and Brett...relaxing after dinner before leaving for Winslow.


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