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Thanksgiving 2005 was a small group this year on Blake Island. Glenn and Lorraine on Dunrushn, with Uncle Fred attended, as did Pamela and Cliff on Spirit of Freedom, BJ and Tricia on Nelle Bly, Aaron and Julie on Anthem and Bob and Ellie on Skookum. Jeremy and Monica arrived on the island Wednesday evening by taxi (late evening pickup by BJ and Tricia at Manchester), being returned to the mainland by BJ and Tricia late Thanksgiving evening so that they could go to work Friday morning. It was rainy, stormy, cold and a heck of a lot of fun! Aaron and Julie deep-fried two turkeys and everybody else contributed way too much food! Monica brought a beautifully decorated Romanian salad dish and Lorraine brought enough pies to feed the entire marina!

It looks like Blake Island is getting more and more popular over Thanksgiving and the following weekend. When Pamela and Cliff arrived on-island Monday, they had it all to themselves until Wednesday when the other FYC boats arrived, along with three other boats. On Thanksgiving day itself, there were 6 boats in the marina besides the FYC. The day after the marina filled to capacity! Bob and Ellie were busy throughout the weekend as they were acting as Park Hosts...Ellie is determined to never turn anybody away! She is trying to earn the same reputation as Ben at Langley... "there is ALWAYS room for one more!"

Sitting around the fire late on Friday, other sailors wandered in to the shelter...and lo and behold! One of them was the guy who purchased Spirits old windlass and chain! Other friends showed up on the island on both Friday and Saturday...the boating community is pretty small actually!

BJ and Tricia were the first to leave on Friday, as BJ had to work on Saturday. Dunrushn left on Saturday as did Spirit of Freedom. Aaron and Julie and Bob and Ellie held down the fort and stayed through Sunday. Of course they are all much closer to the island, only an hour away from their home port! Glenn and Lorraine are about 2 hours away, Pamela and Cliff take two days to make the 45 mile trip. BJ and Tricia stopped off in Winslow so that BJ could work over the weekend, not taking Nelle home to Port Ludlow until Monday. When BJ was doing the run to Port Ludlow he found himself in the middle of J-Pod (orca's) for a long time...surrounded by all 30 of them!


Lots of help unloading firewood from Dunrushn!

Fred to the Rescue!

Uncle Fred was afraid that Glenn, Jeremy and BJ were going to overwork themselves, so he decided to carry a piece of wood!


Aaron holding his bird...Julie turning off the heat on the cooker. This year, they did it outside of the shelter!

Obligatory Photo

How many photos of our Thanksgiving fires do we have??? Once again, the fire keeps our food toasty warm!


Cliff devouring his drumstick.

Who's who?

Uncle Fred, Bob, Tricia and Lorraine in the foreground

More who's who...

Tricia, Monica, Jeremy and Lorraine

And more...

Uncle Fred, BJ and Cliff...three salty looking guys!

And more...

Lorraine, Glenn, Fred, Ellie and Bob

Bye Nelle!

Nelle Bly undersail heading home. Skookum is in the front left.