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                       White Swans Logbook
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White Swan
...Bob and Dianna's Cape George Cutter

Hello, We are Bob and Dianna  owners of our beloved 36' Cape George Cutter "White Swan". We met BJ and Trish  back in late summer of 2000 at Kitsap Marina where we both had slips. We hit it off big time with this terrific couple, became fast friends, enjoyed many sailing and other outings with them and often their whole family. BJ and Trish supported us through many projects and events (even non boat ones) in a big way. Bob and I affectionately dubbed them the "Brats" because they were always out sailing while we were working away on our boat. Although in amazing shape for such an old gal (launched in 1975) there have been many, many projects aboard in order to whip White Swan into shape for our big dream cruise. Bob quit his job in February of 2003, we put our huge grand old home in Bremerton on the Market in April, it sold in 5 days! I don't know how, but we actually accomplished selling 75% of what we owned, packed the rest up and were out a there by closing 45 days later.

 Our plan then was to leave to head south by August 2003, however, it was just still too much to accomplish and we made the difficult decision to stick it out here in WA. and spend the winter really getting ready. In February we had the opportunity to stay at Bob's dad's place while he and his girl friend were on an extended road adventure circumnavigating the U.S. and we jumped at the chance. It was a great opportunity to do all the jobs on the boat that would never have happened with us living onboard. We are hoping by the end of this month, (May 04') to be back on board and really starting our cruising life style officially with an end of July to mid August 2004 departure heading south. It has been a truly unbelievable and often times maddening experience getting our financial lives set up for all on line, Dentists, Dr.'s, wills and on and on all pulled together. As will everything it has taken 4 to 5 times longer than ever expected. My advise to anyone getting ready to cut the ties and go...give yourself a year to get yourselves set up and don't put anything off till the end. Soon none of this will matter and the dream will truly become a reality. 


We want to thank the entire  extended family for how easily and affectionately they accepted us into their clan, they even made us official members of their yacht club. We love you all and will miss and think of you often...stay tuned for our adventures....  Go to White Swans Logbook

Sinclair Inlet, Port Orchard

This was a chance encounter with White Swan by Pamela on Spirit of Freedom when Spirit visited Port Orchard early May 2004.

Sinclair Inlet

May 2004, Port Orchard WA

White Swans Logbook