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Jeremy & Monica's Photo Gallery

Row, Row your boat

Jeremy has found it very handy to have married a World Champion Rower...Monica. Now he never has to row anywhere ever again...


This is the "official" honeymoon portrait. How many couples raft-up with their parents on their honeymoon??

Water Fight!

Jeremy is learning to just give up very early in marriage...

Coming Into Blake Island

Jeremy getting ready to raft up to Nelle for Thanksgiving 2003...he singlehanded up to Blake as Monica had to work. Thanksgiving evening, he and BJ took the dingy over to Manchester to pick up Monica and bring her to Blake Island for the rest of the weekend.

Mother-In-Law & Daughter-In-Law

Monica and Mom (Pamela) in the dink...just a dinkin around.


Jeremy, Cliff and Monica...all in the dink, touring South Puget Sound

Up The Mast

Jeremy up the mizzen mast on White Swan...Monica and Mom (Pamela) below.

Snow! January 2004

Jeremy had to dig out of the boat the next morning...there was 10 inches of snow and they had a heck of a time getting the companion way slider and doors open!

Easter 2004 on White Swan

Leaving the dock at 10:00 PM Saturday and motoring over to Dockton, Vashon Island...just to decorate eggs at 2:45 AM??


Shell broken, but will color anyway!

Sad Monica

The Easter Bunny didn't bring a single chocolate egg for Monica....could it be the Easter Bunny doesn't know how to swim?? Maybe an Easter Seal should take charge of anchored boats...opps! No pun intended!

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